Announcing the Artix Summer Postcard Contest!

Beleen | Friday, June 7, 2024

Join our Summer Postcard Contest where artists and writers can showcase their creativity by designing Artix-themed postcards.

Salutations sun-seeking heroes of Lore! Summer is starting to sizzle, so let’s turn up the heat with a new contest that celebrates the incredible creativity and passion of the Artix community! Join us for our first-ever Artix Summer Postcard Contest, where we invite both artists ~and~ writers to showcase their talents in a fun and engaging way.

We welcome all our heroes to create Artix-themed postcards! Plus, plenty of Artix Points await the winners!

Postcard Contest Overview:
Fanart & Fanfic Welcome

🎨 Whether you’re an illustrator, a photographer, or prefer working with in-game screenshots and preexisting game art, we welcome all art mediums & all aspiring artists to enter this Postcard Contest!

📝 Writers, this is your chance to add a personal touch with a short piece of fan fiction on the back of your postcard. Think about who it’ll be addressed to, too!

The Artix community is overflowing with exceptionally talented individuals, so we already know you are going to create amazing works of art. Needless to say, we are all super excited to celebrate individual creativity and passion for Artix Entertainment games, and we cannot wait to see what you all come up with!

Since I have 0 drawing talent (if you’ve seen my derp art, you know this to be true), I would obviously opt in for the writing portion of this contest! Here’s an example of the back of a postcard; maybe yours will look similar to this, or maybe you’ll create something totally unique!

There will also be an option just to write your message out instead of making it into a graphic, like the one above. I was just tryin’ to make something fancy for y’all to look at :p   

Artix Postcard Contest Rules


  • The contest is open to all Artix Entertainment players.
  • Your game account must be in good standing in order to place.
  • You must have an Artix Entertainment account in order to win Artix Points.
  • Artix devs, mods, testers, etc are absolutely welcome to enter, but they will not win a prize (other than lots of love on the Design Notes, which, imo, is the best gift of all, tehehe)


  • Begins Friday, June 7, 2024 
  • Ends Sunday, June 30, 2024, at 11:59pm EDT (Florida time)

Submission Guidelines

  • Art Mediums: All art mediums are allowed, including traditional illustration, digital art, in-game screenshots, irl photography with Artix NPCs overlaid, Emojis & Stickers (so long as they’re royalty-free), and whatever else you can think of. Your creativity knows no limits!
  • Writing: Writers can submit a short piece of fan fiction (around 150 words or less) for the back of a postcard. You may also add additional words for the To: / From: section if you desire. 
  • Originality: All submissions must be made by you, meaning no AI-generated works, no commissioned work, and no plagiarized / stolen / copied works. You can use Artix game art & screenshots if you want, and ofc tools provided by software such as brushes, filters, and fonts – the main goal here is seeing your originality unfold!
  • Remember: This contest is meant to celebrate and showcase YOUR talents. Don’t sell yourself short by submitting something that doesn't reflect your own creativity and passion. Embrace your unique style and let your true abilities shine through (ntm, we also have AI-detection tools and various other ways of making sure art is not stolen, just sayin’)!  


  • Artix Entertainment Summer Postcards, of course!
  • Postcards can reflect ~any~ Artix game (like AQ, DF, MQ, AQW, ED, etc) and/or anything Artix-related (like your character, NPCs, maps, monsters, moglins, mayhem..?) 
  • Postcards can be just an image (essentially, the front ‘picture-side’ of the postcard), just the writing (the back of the postcard), or, oh my goodness, both ideally!  
  • Tons of postcard inspiration simply by Googling. Get creative!


  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive 4,000 Artix Points, which can be used for any Artix game
  • 2nd Place Winner(s) win 2,000 Artix Points 
  • 3rd Place Winner(s) get 1,000 Artix Points 
  • Runner-Ups take home 500 Artix Points 
  • As always, we reserve the right to reward additional prizes, and to award those who go above and beyond! 

Submission Process & Rules: 

  1. Create an Artix Entertainment-themed postcard (the front, the back, or both)
    • If creating custom artwork, we’d love to see your sketch / work in progress so everyone can see your creation come to life!
  2. Up to 4 postcard entries allowed per player, per game 
    • Ex: if you play DF, AQW, and AQ3D, in theory you could enter 12 postcards (3 games x 4 entries = 12 submissions)
    • Yah... we know that sounds like a lot of work, BUT if you are compelled to express yourself that passionately, then by all means, please do so! 
  3. Entries must be submitted to the Artix Postcard Google Form 
    • Ofc we encourage you to share your spectacular work on socials and in the comments below, but we know there’s gonna be a crazy big turnout, so we have to collect the hundreds (or thousands?!) of entries through the Google Form
    • Be sure to lurk @BeleenAE and @AE_Contests on Twitter for sneak-peeks at some of the postcards pouring in
  4. Use only 1 game account per Google Form entry. If you play multiple Artix games and want to submit more than 4 postcard entries, fill out an additional Google Form for each game account. 
    • Ex: Beleen from AQWorlds on the Google Form 
    • ItsBeleen from AQ3D on a second Google Form entry 
  5. Make sure you submit your postcard(s) no later than 11:59pm EDT (Florida time) on Sunday, June 30, 2024, on the Google Form
  6. Winners will be announced in July. Good luck to everyone – including the judges, lol! 

Let’s Make Waves This Summer 

Eeep! I’m super excited and can’t wait to see the amazing postcards you’ll create! This contest is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your love for games and share your artistic vision with the world. Whether through drawing or storytelling, let your creativity soar this summer and leave your mark across your favorite Artix games! 

Best of luck and battle on,
Beleen, the judges, and the Artix Entertainment team  

👉  Enter the Artix Postcard Google Form here  👈

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