Dragons of Ashfall: Part III is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Join the DragonSlayers on their Ultimate Hunt!

"Happy Valantines Day! ...and there is nothing a DragonSlayer loves more than hunting dragons."
At long last, it is time to enter the dragon's lair!  Watch the teaser Ashfall 3 trailer, then join the DragonSlayer's as they raid the Dragon's Lair. You can now become a Dragonslayer... level up to 20.... and experience our first ever 20-player Raid Boss Fight!

Watch the Ashfall Part III Story Teaser Trailer

Watch the Ashfall: Part 3 Teaser Trailer

"Previously, on the Dragons of Ashfall"
Watch the video for the story so far. At the heart of the volcano, sleeps a Great Dragon. It is more massive than any dragon you have seen in our world. Our enemy, Talyn, plans to awaken the beast and control it. To awaken the Great Dragon from it's slumber he must gather four tributes: food, gold, an army, and a magical artifact known as... the Fire Orb. As you read this, Talyn has already entered the volcano. He must be stopped...


New in this AdventureQuest 3D release!

  • DragonSlayer Class - all players can now earn the dragon slayer class
  • DragonSlayer Gear
  • Daily Quests
  • Ashfall: Part III Story
  • New Boss Fight Mechanics
  • 5 and 20 player Boss Raid Challenge
  • 75 new equippable items
  • 5 cinematic cutscenes (way to go Korin!)
  • 14 dialog cutscenes
  • The snow melts in Battleon (Drooster returns)
  • Level Cap increased to 20


Become a DragonSlayer!

All players can now earn the DragonSlayer Class
DragonSlayers are the elite hunters of Dragons. Their skills are finely honed giving them bonuses when battling dragonkind. Now, ALL PLAYERS, can earn the DragonSlayer class by doing storyline and daily quests to earn DragonSlayer Tokens. Talk to Galanoth in Ashfall to get started!
Read the official post on how to become a DragonSlayer

DragonSlayer Class and Gear

Earn DragonSlayer Gear!

Once you are a DragonSlayer, you can continue earning tokens to unlock exclusive class gear including Galanoth's helmet and yes... oh yes... the legendary Dragon's Blade. We built this shop like the collections we released in the holiday. Which means once you unlock an item, you will have permanent access and be able to re-get it whenever you want. for 0 gold-- saving you that precious inventory space. 

Battle along side the DragonSlayers....

In this epic finale to the Dragons of Ashfall Saga, you will battle alongside Galanoth, Kord, Senna and Gibbs. Each of these dragonslayers has a motivation for defeating Talyn, or the Great Dragon at the heart of the volcano.

This story will impact the characters in our other games.

...and now you know.

Crafting and Ashfall Daily Quests

Once you complete the story, you will unlock new craftable items. Be sure to check in with Senna, the DragonSlayer's Quartermaster to see all of the sets which include...

  • Dragon Champion (Full set)
  • Dragon Berserker (Full set)
  • Pheonix Knight (Full set)
  • Fire Mage (Full set)
  • Fire Rogue (Full set)
  • Talyn's Armor (Full set)
  • Ebon Talyn Vault (VERY EXPENSIVE.... Full Set)
  • DragonSlayer Gear (DragonSlayer Tokens)
  • ...also, there are secret drops.

Level Cap increased to 20!

Reaching level 20 will unlock our first raid boss fight.

5-Player & 20-Player BOSS RAID CHALLENGE!

Bring your friends and prepare for the most challenging battle in AdventureQuest 3D yet. You will all need to be max level and fully decked out. Unlike the single player boss fight, the enemy will not telegraph their attacks. So be sure to practice. I wish I could show you a screenshot of the actual fight (The screenshot above is from the first room of the story).... but Cysero told me if I posted any spoilers he would re-arrange my DNA. Check back in a few days for a post on "DEATH".

Thank you... and prepare for the Dragon's Lair!

It has taken nearly a year to create the tools, systems, and processes that allow us to create amazing adventures and stories like Ashfall Part III. This is a special release for both the players and the team. Thank you for your loyalty, encouragement, and passion for our world. This release marks the start of many new epic adventures together (...and ones that will come much faster, LOL!)

Coming next!

Next week we will release those two dungeons to the right and left at the top of Mount Ashfall. Then, it is time for Dage's birthday-- a gateway will open to new area of the Underworld. Heroes should be advised to be weary of signing any "contracts" in the underworld. Then the Shaman Forest and Dragon's Graveyard will quickly follow. Check our homepage daily for the newest design notes on our progress.... Oh! Every Monday we update the GAME PLAN. Feels pretty good that we knocked a few items off of that list already. It has only bee a week since it was posted.

Now, DragonSlayers...

"It is time to enter the dragon's lair and take Talyn down... BATTLE ON!"

Ashfall III Trailer

P.S. If you are getting any login bugs (like the API one) be sure to get the latest version of the game from the app store, and restart (or force close) the game.




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