Grand opening: Barber Shop!

Artix Krieger | Friday, May 11, 2018

Come in for the Grand Opening

The Battleon Barbershop is now open! Walk in and meet our interesting and unusual stylists. This fast paced adventure will unlock new ways to customize the perfect you.


20 New Hairstyles to Unlock!

Discover new hair styles including afros, fades, anime-style spiky hair, and more.


Check the hair accessory shop for skulls, wings, flowers, glasses, unicorn horns, spikes, headbands, hair extensions and more.

STORY! Fast, fun, and funny...

Unlock new hairs by questing as you quest through a bizarre story with a few surprises.

SECRETS! New Exploration Achievements & Titles

Hard to write this section without giving spoilers! Be on the lookout for exploration achievements with give new titles, special head-item drops, and a quest for a special razor.

Something for everyone!

This release is getting a lot of love from players. There are so many more ways to make your character unique-- and we are surprised and impressed at how creative everyone is getting.

Guardian Bonus: Glow in the Dark Hairs

Thank you for supporting AdventureQuest 3D and our ongoing updates. We hid a special item in the Guardian Tower that you can use to make glow in the dark (emissive) hairs once you have completed the story.

We're waiting for you in the Barber shop... come visit during this Grand Opening!

Let us know which of the stylist is your favorite :D Also, we would LOVE to see new screenshots of your character!

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