Blaze’s Bonfire Returns!

Glisel | Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Who is Blaze?

"A long time ago the raw element of fire was threatening to consume the world in flames. Blaze sacrificed his body to control the flame, imbuing him with the power to control fire, ensuring it does not consume the world. The flame slowly burns away at his body and when he uses his power, there are severe consequences. He wants to be a light to the world, but the brighter he burns, the shorter his wick."

Blaze in real life is a programmer and game designer for AdventureQuest 3D. His passion is in class design and enhancing the social aspects of our game.

Battleon is a Bonfire

There is a Blaze in the Social District. Actually, there are FOUR different forms of Blaze to fight. As usual, talk to Rose to earn Social Flyers for Social Event Prizes. Plus, Blaze has a Daily quest “Illuminate the Shadow” which gives 100 BlazeCoins for completing it. You may also get lucky and receive the rare Chibi Blaze Pet as a drop.

In Battleon, Blaze has shops full of goodies to buy. The BlazeCoin Gift Shop has lots of hot weapons and armor sets, including 1 new armor set and 4 new weapons. You can also get BlazeCoins by defeating Gifting Inferno and Gifting Fire.

Blaze’s Birthday Shop has all of the same things as the Gift Shop but with a few extras, and everything here costs DragonCrystals. The Birthday Shop exclusive items are the Summoning items:

  • Horn of Hype (NEW! Summons “Party Blaze”)
  • Fire Starter (Summons “Gifting Fire”)
  • Wide Blaze’s Calling Card (Summons “Wide Blaze”)

Horn of Hype

The latest of Blaze’s summoning items. Use the Horn of Hype, Fire Starter, and Wide Blaze Calling Card to summon an enemy for your fellow players to fight.

Use the Horn of Hype to summon a Party Blaze which, itself, summons up to 6 Firestarters, or something even more special. While Party Blaze is invincible, all spawns killed do drop loot. Party Blaze despawns after he has reached his summoning maximum.

For more detailed information on the Bonfire, read this post from the first Blaze’s Bonfire event.

Anime Opening Video Contest

Make an anime opening video using the Tailor Scouts theme song for the chance to win one of 3 Emperor's Chests and a badge! Or make a digital Tailor Scouts poster for the chance to win one of 5 Warlord's Chests. Submissions accepted until February 8th. See the full post for details.

Last Chance

Frostval maps, collection, and shops have left AQ3D until next December.

  • Gaz’s Last Chance Shop leaves January 31st, 2023
  • 2022 Gift’thulu Giving Leaderboard now ends Feb 22nd, 2023
  • Camp Gonnagetcha closes on Feb 15th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

Return to the Social District next week as Saber opens her Lunar New Year shop to celebrate the year of the Rabbit! Plus, the February promo item will become available.

See you in game and…
Battle On!


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