Blue Skulls win!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Blue Skulls 100% vs Black Hearts 45%

Blue Skulls win the Friday the 13th Camp Gonnagetcha War

Landing a crushing blow, the Blue Skulls win the war. Well fought everyone! Everyone can now get the Blue Skull bag flag item at camp for 0 gold.

Get your Blue Skull BackFlag while you can

Pick up your back flag at Camp Gonnagetcha from Ace.

Camp Blue Skull Flag for 0 gold

#ScreenshotSaturday extended!

Did you get some good screenshots? Do not forget to post your screenshots to this week's screenshot thingy (thingy = official term) for a chance to score some loot. Glisel extended it until Thursday and gave out some bonus "above and beyond awards", so post your screenshots!

Now.... one last thing.

Legion Shrade


Which SHRADE is your favorite?

  • Original Shrade
  • Doomed Shrade
  • Sunken Shrade
  • Pit Shrade
  • Cryo Shrade
  • Shrade X
  • Legion Shrade

(Technically, you can give Fleshette as an answer too... but your reason why better be goooood XD)


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