Box Springs Parkour Challenge

Artix Krieger | Thursday, January 24, 2019

This week's new AdventureQuest 3D Content Release!

PARKOUR!? Take on the new jump puzzle challenge in Greenguard, see the revamped Livingstone Cavern, Moglomancer armor & Thunderknight set added, and Dage's Underworld got descaled!

Box Springs - New Parkour Challenge

Hidden in the Sneevil infested Fort Sneed near Greenguard Forest... you will find an all new Parkour Challenge. There are THREE new badges you can earn. Now, please mind that this new map is located near Greenguard forest-- our level 3 area. So this will be the first parkour challenge new players experience. Which is why we put a super simple challenge in for the first badge. Then, we added a more difficult challenge like you would expect from us for the second badge. Then... heh heh.. the third badge is a secret. Good luck!

AdventureQuest 3D's LivingStone Caverns revamped

Livingstone Caverns Revamped!

The cave that you must go through to emter DoomWood has just been revamped. Cysero rewrote some of the quests, added 8 new dialogs (dialog cut-scenes did not exist when we first created it), and added new rewards. The cave art got a little art bump-- looks pretty. The story itself is pretty much the same, just told far better. Hope new players experiencing the cave for the first time have a much better experience than we all did! LOL

Thunderknight Set

Each day when you get your free treasure chest, you now have a chance to get the Thunderknight set. It is wicked looking for a green rarity set. You can find pieces of this armor in common chests-- well, technically in any of the chests. Designed by Thyton if you want to tweet him some props.

Moglomancer Armor

Backers of the Moglin Kickstarter or Backerkit can get their Moglomancer-K armor set starting today. This green version is the exclusive variant for being a backer.  As promised in the stretch-goals, ALL BACKERS of the Moglin Kickstarter are getting this. (I need to send codes by hand to the backers that were under $1)

Dage's Underworld gets de-scaled to level 15

It's happening! The first portion of Dage's Underworld is now officially fixed at level 15. We like the idea of having special events and some permanent areas released initially as scaling content so everyone can experience it... then, later hard-set it in the world at the originally intended level. This March, during Dage's Birthday, we will expand the underworld and continue the story.

Upcoming Live Event!

You are officially invited to dinner at the Blue Ogre Cave next Wednesday at 4pm EST. This will be a 30-ish minute live event where you can score some live event coins. Exact location to be announced day of the event.

Enjoy the parkour course :D and... Battle on!


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