Buccaneer's Bounty: A Pirate's Tale of Game Updates!

Beleen | Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Yo ho ho ho! Here be a pirate’s parley ‘o all the treasure comin’ soon to AQ3D, me hearties! (translation: read these Design Notes for updates on our newest game features, friends!) 

Ahoy! Gather 'round, me scallywags ‘nd buccaneers, for I've got some mighty fine news to share with ye! Talk Like a Pirate Day release be makin’ landfall 'morrow on Thursday, before we be celebratin' the legit TLaPD on Tuesday, September 19. Suffice to say, me 'nd me mateys be feelin’ the swashbucklin’ spirit, yaarrrr! The AQ3D crew be grabbin’ the Braken by the barnacles to get these here new updates out for ye. So grab yer grog, equip thy spyglass, ‘nd let's dive right into the treasure trove that be the new game features comin' yer way!

New Guild Features fer jolly cooperation

Avast, sea dogs and sailors! Ye be requestin’ new Guild features, ‘nd there it be off the port bow: Guilds 2.0. be arrivin’ by the end o’ the month! Here what be in store for ye:

🎉 Level up yer Guild, unlockin' a booty o' benefits

💫 Plunder Guild XP when ye or yer trusty guildmates earn XP 

👀 Keep a fine eye on the "Last Online" marker to track the activity o' yer crewmates

🏆 Leaderboards be spotlightin' the top crews, provin' who be the ruler o' the seven seas

💪 Feel the power o' yer Guild with buffs like bonus XP, glitterin' Gold, ‘nd the healin' hand of HP regen (it be the best cure fer scurvy)

🥇 With precious perks shinier than a doubloon in the sun, the bonds betwixt ye and yer mateys will be growin’ stronger with each achievement

Ye can test the new Guild features on the PTR server if ye wishes to sneak-a-peek o’ the fun on the horizon!

Player Housing comin’ along swimmingly

Every pirate be needing a place to stash they loot, and we be workin’ on just the thing fit fer landlubbers ‘nd seafarers everywhere. Yer AQ3D crew be hard at work buildin' new housing functionality that be makin’ even Blackbeard himself jealous. Soon ye be able to customize yer hideout, fill it with plunder, and invite yer mates over for grog-fueled fun. Here be some screenshots me seized from the dev team’s screen share, har har har!

What are ye lookin’ at? Aye, this still be in testin’ phase, but this be showin’ that ye can freely

  • Move items
  • Rotate items
  • Scale items
  • Stack items
  • See items behind walls!

Holy hornswoggles – this be more mind blowing than a cannonball blastin’ through a galleon ship! We be finetuning all the things seen here, so ye can expect the final version o’ housing & items to be more polished than all the precious doubloons in a pirate’s horde. Not sure when Housing be makin’ landfall, but we be focusin’ on it more as soon as Guilds 2.0 releases. 

A shipshape Mail system

No more needin’ to be passin' posts through Discord, nay me hearties! We be introducin' a brand new in-game Mail system that'll let ye send messages to yer fellow friends. Keep in touch with yer crew, receive notes & secret messages from the dev team, and even get items sent directly to ye if, say, ye accidently disconnect after a battle brawl and ye couldn’t claim yer rightful rewards 📩

Talk Like a Pirate Day Live Event

Arrr, me lovelies! Lest we forget ‘bout the most important day on the pirate captain calendar: Talk Like a Pirate Day! We be celebratin' this grand occasion in style with a special in-game Live Event on Tuesday, September 19! Mark yer calendars (best with an X to mark the spot), brush up on yer "yo ho hos" and "aye ayes," and get ready to have more fun than a barrel o’ monkeys, because September 19th be a day ye won't want to miss nor forget! 

Live Event time and Location be announced soon, so ye best be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord to be the first to plunder the details!

All this be just a taste o' the excitement brewin' in our game's treasure trove. The AQ3D crew be workin' day and night (avast, like me, who be writin’ this here post at 3am) to make sure ye have the best experience in the world…wide web. So keep yer spyglass handy, yer cannons primed, and get ready to set sail for adventure like never before!

Until then, may the winds be at yer back, may yer quests be legendary, and may yer booty be plentiful 🤭

Battle on, sailors!
Beleen and the AQ3D Crew

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