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Glisel | Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Find 2 new armor sets in your Daily Treasure Chests

Login to AdventureQuest 3D and check the treasure chest to see if you score a piece of our newest armors, the Wasteland Exile and the Bygone Zealot King sets. We think the artist Thyton outdone himself with these. Don't want to wait to sport these new looks? Cash in those Treasure Shards at the Chest Shop to get the full sets today!

Oh, hey mobile players! We added the ability to create a bridge that you can use to go over the parkour challenge in the Sandsea Aquifier. Finish up this adventure before the Sandsea Saga continues next week!

Bygone King Zealot (Epic)

  • Bygone King Zealot Armor
  • Bygone King Zealot Helm
  • Bygone King Zealot Cape
  • Bygone King Zealot Boots
  • Bygone King Zealot Belt
  • Bygone King Zealot Gloves
  • Bygone King Zealot Shoulders
  • Bygone King Zealot Dagger
  • Bygone King Zealot Sword
  • Bygone King Zealot Sword and Dagger

Wasteland Exile (Rare)

  • Wasteland Exile Armor
  • Wasteland Exile Scarf
  • Wasteland Exile Boots
  • Wasteland Exile Belt
  • Wasteland Exile Shoulders
  • Wasteland Exile Gloves
  • Wasteland Exile Hood
Wastelane Exile Armor


Coming next week: Healer Class, Level 35, Sandsea Adventure, & Item Infusion!

Hope you are excited for next week's big release! It needed a little extra time to cook in the oven before we served it.... so everything will be releasing all at once next week. The level cap will increase to level 35. All players will be able to obtain the new class, Healer. It is a super fun support class.

Healer Class

And the new healer class will be handy as you take the sandskiff out to the pyramids to finally come face to face with the Pharaoh Sekt. There will be new monsters, and new battle mechanics as you search for the Sandsea's most wanted rebel leader, Zhoom!  Additionally, Item Infusion will be added to Cysero's forge. Item infusion will allow you to power up your statted items by infusing them with runes. 

If you want a sneak peak of item infusion now, you can try it out now on our PTR testing server.

Also next week... we are getting a shiny new icon!

Sekt Icon for AdventureQuest 3D

See you in game.

Battle On!
Glisel, Artix, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Here is a sneak peek of Sekt's 3D art.

Sekt of the Sandsea Desert


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