Alpha PIrate in AdventureQuest 3D

Check out these guns! *Flexes*

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The second to last time you will be mad you did not back the Kickstarter!

As promised Alpha Pirate has been released for qualifying Kickstarter backers on all devices (PC/Mac/Tablet/Phone).  The pirate class will be releasing in September with the port of Lolosia for all players to earn! Yup... on Talk Like a Pirate day.

Pirates use dual hand cannons

This is our first dual wielding hand cannon class. It introduces a new weapon equip type.... "Gun". Need one? A gun shop has been added to Cysero's Weaponshop in town.

Akriloth Hand Cannons

Coming soon! Crafting a better pew pew

The selection of weapontry for the "Piratey" classes is pretty limited right now.... in the next release later this week you will be able to craft a top tier pair of handcannons from the Akriloth challenge.

Lolosia in development

The port town of Lolosia is best known as the gathering place for the scourges of our seas. Swashbucklers gather there to tell their tales and recruit crews for their adventures on the high seas. There is treasure out there on the islands... and no shortage of greedy Captains to stake their claim on them. Just beware-- some islands are also the secret Shinobi training areas. That is right... Ninjas.

Rough Area Building Plan

  • Your Saga (Town of Battleon main Storyline) - Kicks off now
  • Daily Boss Fight(s) (Not going to be daily at first... lol) - This week
  • Heartwood revamp (Class not determined yet. Berserker? Healer? Mystic?)
  • Doomwood Revamp (Paladins vs Necromancer)
  • Lolosia - September (Pirates & Ninjas)
  • Darkovia III/IV/V - October (Lycan Warrior and Vampire Knight)
  • TBD

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