AdventureQuest 3D Commercial Contest Winners

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Absolutely amazing job, everybody!

When I read through your submissions.... I was legit blown away! I knew we had creative people in our community, but I underestimated the power of your creativity! I laughed, I cried, and after that one I hid under my table. (Still there now) Only one thing is for certain, because I know most of you personally, it would have been completely unfair for me to judge this contest (also, I would have made nearly everybody a winner). So I found somebody more qualified to be our judge!

Contest judged by Pacifica the Bad’rista!

As you may have seen on my Twitter or new @Artix Instagram, we have sniped one of our local Starbucks’ most elite baristas. She wants to be an artist, but writing seems to be her cup of tea. After all, she a (Royal) English (Breakfast) degree. As a writer and gamer who does not know any of you personally (yet), she is the perfect impartial judge for this contest.

"These entries were definitely more exciting than the actual Super Bowl!", said Pacifica as the pondered the perfect coffee joke to close with, "Thanks a latte for letting me judge this contest. It was hard. All the entries were so good!"

Ready for the Winners?

1st Place goes to Michael D. Dawn!

"Emotional appeal with so few words. I feel this has so much impact in film and advertising. The only line of dialog in this script was, 'thanks'. It moved me" - Pacific.

Note: The whole commercial has no sound, except some sort of sad music

The commercial begins with a young boy sitting in his room being depressed. Nothing in his life lately has been going the way he wished or hoped.

A couple of flashbacks show the kid being bullied at school and his parents arguing.

He turns on his small laptop and starts playing AQ3D hoping to escape from his real life problems, even for a bit, but it doesn't quite work out. He starts crying.

That's when a window in his game opens, with a quest in it. He clicks on the quest and what he sees surprises him.

"Never give up 0/1"

Fast forward a few months, the young boy is seen again sitting in his, but this time, he is playing AQ3D with his friends. After a hard dungeon that required a lot of cooperation and team effort, the previous quest pops up again, this time showing him:

"Never give up 1/1 Quest complete"

The kid cries, the sad music that has been playing up until this point is replaced with a more lighthearted music, but somewhat faint, the kid smiles, the tears he shed were not of sadness, but happiness. The first sound (except the music) that is heard in the whole commercial: "Thanks"

The lighthearted music gets louder, as the screen fades away.

2nd Place goes Vexxana!

"I really liked how this commercial showed different people interacting with AQ3D while capturing the sense of community... while keeping the emotional appeal in mind." - Pacifica

Note: Total length is around 55 seconds

1st Scene: Length: ~5 Seconds
4 Army recruits are sitting around a table. One of them is playing AQ3D. All of them are talking and laughing while watching the one person play the game.
Clip flashes to the viewer seeing the soldier play the game on the phone. The character is a rogue.

2nd Scene: Length ~5 Seconds
Shows a gloved hand placing a phone on a desk. The phone shows the AQ3D game with a dragonslayer game character.
Clip flashes to the person walking out of the room while holding a firefighter hat.

3rd Scene: Length ~5 Seconds
A teacher just finished dismissing the class. Students are leaving.
Clip flashes to the teacher opening up the aq3d app on their phone. The character log in screen has a warrior on it.

4th Scene: Length ~5 Seconds
Shows a clip of a mage fighting on AQ3D.
Clip flashes to a nurse walking in a room. There is a doctor on his phone.
Nurse: “Dr. Johnson, we have an emergency.”

5th Scene: Length ~8 Seconds
Chaos in the ER room. Patient is hooked up to an Electrocardiogram (EDC).
Clip flashes to EDC flatlining.

-Screen fades to black-

6th Scene: Length ~4 Seconds
Clip of soldier running in combat.
Transitions to a clip of their character (the rogue) running in the game.

7th Scene: Length ~4 Seconds
Firefighter is leaving a burning building while holding a baby.
Transitions to their character (the dragonslayer) protecting another player by killing a Dravir Soldier.

8th Scene: Length ~4 Seconds
Shows the teacher stopping a student from being bullied from other students in a hallway.
Transitions to a clip of their character ( the warrior) spin attacking a group of skeletons.

-Screen fades to black. EDC stabilizing sound effect.-

9th Scene: Length ~10 Seconds
Shows the stabilized patient in a hospital bed with their spouse sitting in a chair beside them. The doctor is on the other side of the bed.
Doctor: “He will be making a full recovery.”
Spouse: Looks at doctor. “Thank you. You’re my… no, our hero.”

10th Scene (Fast images flashing in succession) Length ~6 Seconds
First image shows half a face of the soldier smiling and the other half is the rouge.
Second image shows half a face of the fire fighter smiling and the other half is the dragonslayer.
Third image shows half the face as the teacher smiling and the other half is the warrior.
Fourth image shows half the face as the doctor smiling and the other half is the mage. The fourth image is prolonged.

Screen fades to black. White text on top saying “Your hero, your way”
A narrator says it while the text is displayed on the screen.

AQ3D advert image.

3rd Place goes to LFox!

"This one combined emotional appear with humor... it's was super effective. Because AQ3D is a game where you laugh and cry, but most importantly, you BATTLE ON!" - Pacifica

Camera pans down right outside of BattleOn where a group of level one slime monsters are

Narrator: Every day a lot of adventurers pass these slime monsters and don't pay them any mind. They don't drop anything good and only give 1 expereince.

Slime 1: I always see people running outside of BattleOn to go on adventures. I wanna be a hero one day just like them!

Slime 2: Don't be silly. You'll never be a hero or go on adventures. You're a level one mob. We're programmed by the game developers to stay in this one area.

Slime 1: Game developers? I've never heard of that before. That's just something you made up isn't it!?

Slime 2: Uh... Forget I said that.

Slime 1: Anyway, I'm gonna prove you wrong! I'll be the greatest adventurer there ever was! I'll even defeat Vane!

The level one slime monster picks up a broken discarded sword a player left behind and leaves his spot to go on an adventure

The slime monster fights many other mobs like skeletons, frogzards and even bosses like Akriloth and he dies A LOT; but he always respawns and keeps on fighting. Eventually he makes it to Vane

Slime monster: I'm here to defeat you evil doer! Your time is up!

Vane: Laughs You? Defeat me! You're just a weak slime monster! You're not even supposed to be out adventuring!

Slime monster: That's what everyone tells me; but I don't care! I'll keep on doing what I love no matter what anyone says!

Vane: Charges towards the slime monster and slips on the slime causing him to fall off a cliff Aggghhhhh!!!

Vane: Is probably dead. Who knows?

The level one slime monster was deemed to be the greatest hero in AQ3D for defeating Vane and everyone celebrates

Narrator: Don't be discouraged by other people. Always follow your dreams and never give up! BATTLE ON!

Narrator: Also this was supposed to be an ad I think... Ahem Play AQ3D today! It's free on Steam and on mobile devices!

Note: there aren't any slime monster right outside of BattleOn (Greenguard) and no Slimes were harmed in the making of this ad.

BONUS "Above & Beyond Prize" goes to Shinsetsu AQ3D!

Shinsetsu actually made a narrated AdventureQuest 3D commercial on YouTube. As the first person to do this, we felt they deserved recognization. Achievement unlocked :D Also, we will give them the same prize as 2nd and 3rd place.

WATCH Sinsetu's AdventureQuest 3D Commercial (and be sure to give his channel a sub while you are there!)

Winners, please comment with your AdventureQuest 3D character names in the comment section below so I can put the prizes on your accounts. (Will remember to ask for this next time!)

Thank you! A message to EVERYONE who participated

It is important that creative people like us are always flexing our imagination muscle. Every thing that we think about, create, and contribute to keeps us growing. I was not kidding above when I said how shocked I was reading all of the submissions. You really blew me away. Be sure to congratulations the winners and continue spreading the love. I am going to build a video gallery for anyone who turns ANY of the scripts submitted into YouTube videos. When you make them, please post links to them in the comment section below and Pacifica will put them up for everyone to see.

Promo Image Credits!

Special thanks to @RacerxMimikyu , @AutumnalDusk , @ExaltedDeadpool , @leitoske , @CrommusBR , @Knight_Omega for submitting the screenshot Saturday images that were used to make today's promo image.

Coming tomorrow...

Thyton and the Ninja class are coming in this week's new AdventureQuest 3D release. Also, Ninja Warrior Reko has finished his submission video and we will be posting it here for you to see. Until then, see you in game!


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