Craft Travel Forms including Twisted Horror & Freak-a-zard!

Glisel | Monday, March 2, 2020

Craft 3 new horrifying Travel Forms & a new Pet

Less than one week left in the Breaking Benjamin battle concert! Craft the 3 new travel forms & new pet while you still can. Talk to that little green Sneevil, Bryce Platinum, near the inn in town to get started. Also, Dage's seasonal rares have returned.

New craftable travel forms from the Breaking Benjmain Battle Concert

Yes, these items are for EVERYONE to craft

Use your Heavy Metal Medallions to craft these three travel forms and a pet based on the void monsters from the Breaking Benjamin battle concert. Everyone can earn these travel forms and pet. Want to skip the grind? Choose "Buy Now" to get these items for Dragon Crystals instead.

Screenshot by Civ

The Concert Items May Return

The monsters and map used in this special event are actually from a future release. A really smart idea to have this and all future battle concerts in areas that we are building for the main storyline-- so nothing is wasted. So you can get the items from this event now, before the game's storyline returns here. We have talked about this before. Wanted to put this reminder here that items from this event may return. We will be careful to make sure that the best of them are harder to obtain next time around.

Dage Season Rares Return

Dage Returns

The seasonal rares have returned... get any pieces you missed before the release of the new 2020 Undead Legion collection next week!

Plus! The limited return of the two-sided Legion Undersworn and Oathkeeper shirts with rewards for AdventureQuest Worlds and AdventureQuest 3D. Let everyone know your soul belongs to Dage the Evil with the merch from Dage's Dark Birthday Shop

Dage Art Contest

Enter the Art Contest

Are you the creative type with a taste for the dark side? Enter the Dage & the Undead Legion art contest. Create original artwork and submit it by March 31st, 2020... winners will receive prizes and one Grand Prize Winner will receive a personalized gift from Dage himself. See for yourself...

Dage Art Contest 2020

Breaking Benjamin Battle Concert

Less than one week left!

The Breaking Benjamin battle concert ends this Sunday... this is your last chance to experience the event. Be sure to craft all of the items including the Titan armors and the new travel forms & pet.

Thank you and coming next!

We hope you enjoyed the Breaking Benjamin battle concert. In the background we have been hard at work on the next AdventureQuest 3D release including HeartWood which will pit you against Vane the Void King's 1st General. Also we are building a new system that will let you get amazing power item drops at any level. We are working on interactive pets, new quest types, and whole lot more.

See you in game!

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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