Screenshot Saturday: Breaking Benjamin *Winners Update*

Glisel | Friday, February 21, 2020

Send us your best screenshots of the Breaking Benjamin battle concert

Five AQW winners and Five AQ3D winners picked by our panel of expert judges will get a Warlord Chest! ("Actually, it's just me judging." - Glisel)

If you haven't already experienced this epic event, log into AQW or AQ3D and join the concert! There are still two weeks left to join in the mosh pit.


How to Participate


The Prizes

There will be Five winners from AdventureQuest Worlds and Five winners from AdventureQuest 3D

Each winner from AdventureQuest Worlds will get the Breaking Benjamin Rares Shop Collection.

Each Winner from AdventureQuest 3D will get 1 Warlord Treasure Chest.

We reserve the right to give more prizes for you crazy creative people who go above and beyond XD



AQW Winners: Breaking Benjamin Rares Shop Collection

(Winners can expect to have all of the shop items in their inventory by Friday)

1. @jayrielucid_ae (IGN: 789jay)

2. @FighterX272 (IGN: Fighter)

3. @AbyssTamer (IGN: merahsejatiantianarki)

4. @qwerty_99199 (IGN: New)

5. @iamMyrcyclops (IGN : iam)

AQ3D Winners: Warlord Chest

1. @Leun_Rm (IGN: Az_Leun)

2. @NotDage (IGN: Civ)

3. @MapCurse (IGN: MapCurse)

4. @Shareyourshit2 (IGN: HolyAlchemist)

5. @YevaduAQ3D (IGN: Yevadu)


See you in the pit and...

Congratulations Winners!

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