Curse Weaver Mage and Cosmic Cutter

Glisel | Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Curse Weaver Mage

Inspired by the Dark Warlic adventure in the House of Oddities… a new cosmetic class for the mage has arrived in AdventureQuest 3D… the Curse Weaver Mage. Just like Alpha Pirate, this cosmetic class includes new gear and reflavored skills and skill effects for the base Mage class. Talk to Arcana, the Mage class trainer, to unlock the class gear shop and “Weaver of Curses” title. Your Curse Weaver Mage gear can be purchased with Mage Class Tokens.

Curse Weaver Skills

  • Fireball becomes Cursed Fireball
  • Ice Spear becomes Acid Shard
  • Lightning Storm becomes Toxic Shock
  • Meteor Volley becomes Cursed Assault (ultimate)

Cosmic Cutter

Head to the Inn to team up with Yulgar once again for a cosmic quest. A fallen star was spotted in the Yokai Forest. Yulgar hopes he can salvage enough material from it to forge a new weapon for you. Of course, nothing is ever that simple. This extraterrestrial resource comes with a few surprises. If you can collect enough materials for Yulgar, he will craft you the Cosmic Cutter - a shimmering, transcendent katana with other-worldly stats. Keep an eye out, because you may also find a couple extra goodies in this adventure.

Note: This quest is a continuation of Yulgar’s “Blacksmithing” quests for Chillrend and Firebrand.

A New Starter Pack

The Dragon Transformation Starter Pack has replaced the original Lore Strider Pack in the Upgrade Shop. The new Starter Pack is $4.99 and is available for up to 3 days to new players upon account creation. All existing players will also have 3 days starting from their first log-in after the Starter Pack’s release to purchase it. If you already purchased the original Lore Strider Pack, the Dire Crimson Dragon is awaiting you in your travel form inventory.

What’s in the Dragon Transformation Starter Pack?

  • "Dire Crimson Dragon" Travel Form
  • Lore Strider Armor Set
  • 1,000 DragonCrystals
  • 10 XP Boost potions
  • 10 Class XP Boost potions

Seasons Cleaning

What Left in this Release?

  • Nothing!

What's Leaving Next?

  • Taylor and the Pride Shop leaves the Social District (remains at Pointe Less Isle) - June 29
  • DC Bonus - leaves Aug 10

Reminder: All Friday the 13th content in the Oddities Shop is permanent.

Coming Soon

You will finally be able to quest with your favorite companion at your heels in AQ3D…. a dog! So, if you love puppers, doggos, “Good Boys”… and “Best Boys”, etc, you’re gonna love the new dog pets coming to AQ3D.

Until then…
Battle on!

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