Cyber Frostval

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Frostval Returns.... and Cyber Monday Gear is available early!

What!? NOOOO! I do not want Mogloween to leave! ...and neither does Mayor McPumpkins. He is currently engaged in a duel to the death with Kringlez in town as you read this.

Mogloween vs Frostval

"A lil' holiday cheer... right in the kisser!"

Tis' the season to give frost boss monsters their holiday beatings. 

Frostlorn Raiders

The Frostlorn Raiders & Frost Labyrinth

Each year, a blizzard brings the cold and the Frostlorn Raiders. Can you defeat them? Face this dangerous trio or take on the Frost Labyrinth and its indomitable beast, the Yettun. You can access these fights by talking to Blizzy.

Blizzy... the Frostmoglin

Talk to the adorable sub-zero frost moglin in town to travel to Frostvale, the challenges, and access returning gear. When you are in Frostvale, try sticking your tongue to one of the frost swords.... I double dog dare you.



Visit the social district to get some icy cold vengeance on Frostfang. Defeat him to craft the Glacial Piercer bow.

Frostvale Inn Decorations

All dressed up and nowhere to snow...

Yulgar and Serenity put up decorations around the Inn. You should stop by and warm up. The Giving Shrub is back too! Which means....

Gift'thulu is back!

Buy a Gifting Rune from the shub at the Inn. They allow you to spawn a Gift'thulu! It is a giant boss monster present that players can battle. It drops prizes.

New 2022 drops and craftable items include....

  • Snow Piercer (Icy Bow)
  • Frozen Antler Staff (Staff)
  • Freezing Dart Launcher (Pew Pew)
  • Glacial Dart Launcher (Pew Pew, drop only)

Gift'Thulu Leader Board

New year! New Leaderboard....

This year will have a fresh leaderboard.  Last year's top gifters will be permanently memorialized on a special web page which will list names and their amount. Also, the top 10 gifters from last year will be receiving a special badge & title (releasing next week after the art is done).

The new leaderboard will run until March.


Frostlorn Invader Siege!

Defend town from the invaders. Prepare  your spells and arms, then talk to Roland in the social district.

PvP Winter Update

PvP - Battle Falls gets a frosty update

Bring a coat (of arms?). On the player vs player battleground map of Battle Falls, vengeance is a dish best served cold.

Black Friday

Black Friday - our darkest yet!

Our special sale and Black Friday shop are already live... and, because our big Atlantis story release will not be going live until Thursday next week, we are launching the Cyber Monday shop-- NOW!

Cyber Frostval


Gloves? A nice warm coat? Sure. But if you REALLY want to stay warm, try a new cybernetic body. (Just remember to recharge the batteries.) Check out the strange new gear in this year's Cyber Monday shop. Head to town and talk to the Eclipse Warrior.

Thank you and... Atlantis Coming Next Week!

We hope you have been enjoying the game. If you have not already, please consider supporting our weekly updates by upgrading to Guardian or refilling your DragonCrystals. The 150% sale is currently in effect and applies to every package . Next week, the story that started in the Pirate Town of Lolosia will continue.... and it is going to get DEEP.

We hope you and your family have a warm, fun, and adventure-filled week.

Battle  on!
Artix & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Thank you to all of the team members who helped get this release out on a busy holiday week.

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