The Legion Marches Forth

Rellik | Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Greetings Heroes… Today, We Are Legion! Dage has been forging souls into powerful new armaments, so march forth and claim them. There’s also a dangerous new addition to the Arena of Souls. Read on to find out more…

Dage Collection 2022

This year's Dage collection is massive and full to the brim with deadly new weapons, spiky armor, a vicious new pet, and deadly travel forms! Do you have the guts (or empty ribcage if you're a skeleton) to use any of this undead arsenal?

  • Collector's Chest w/ badge and "We Are Legion" title

  • Legion Wolf Rider TF
  • Armored Legion Wolf Rider TF
  • Unarmored Legion Wolf TF
  • Armored Legion Wolf Pet - Riderless

  • Legion Ravager Pauldrons
  • Legion Ravager War Helm
  • Legion Ravager War Crown
  • Legion Ravager Shoulder Plate
  • Legion Ravager Cloak
  • Legion Ravager Gauntlets
  • Legion Ravager Greaves
  • Legion Ravager Plate Belt
  • Legion Ravager Cuirass

  • Deathmourne (sword)
  • Anima Reaver (scythe)
  • Spirit Shatter (hammer)
  • Terrorhowl (Axe)
  • Legion Kite Shield
  • Legion Top Hat
  • Legion Shoulder
  • Iron Legion Crown
  • Glowing Legion Crown (helm)
  • Twin Blades of the Underworld
  • Spiked Legion Sword

The Legion Soulripper returns

Want a free weapon? The Legion Soulripper is once again back and once again free! Like the Legion itself (and a **very** copyrighted character from another universe), the Soulripper is inevitable…

The Legion Stalker

A dangerous new opponent is prowling around the Arena of Souls. Dare to face the Legion Stalker? It can strike from the shadows at any time!

The Glitch (Moistverse)

We have a quick update for you on the new perma rare item being added to the Moistverse trove. Aptly named, The Glitch has a glitch, and so will appear in your trove next week instead!

Content Creator Highlight

To show our appreciation for all the amazing content creators, we’re highlighting a new video every week! This week, we’d like to show our appreciation for Lag, and not the kind you're thinking of! LagOfLore is an informative, entertaining AQ3D streamer, and we highly recommend checking out some of his streams! Watch him right “meow” on Twitch!

Coming soon to AQ3D

Though March is mainly remembered in the Artix games for Dage’s birthday celebration, we also have Lucky Day coming up. There will be new items to earn in the Social District, including a collection! Following that, Dage the Evil brings you back to the on-going fight between the Legion and Lion Fang’s Paladin order with a very exciting update.

See you in-game.

Battle (march) on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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