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Cysero | Thursday, November 8, 2018


Finally, a way to get free DC's... and all you have to do is login and take them.

Back during the AQ3D Kickstarter, one of the earliest stretch goals that the backers unlocked was "Daily Login Rewards" so you know how long we've been working on this system, refining it, and trying to get the feel just right. We're just about to release our Daily Treasure Chest System on the PTR for testing and once the system goes live, it will be an easy way for EVERY player to get some free Dragon Crystals.


They are boxes. They contain loot. Are they loot boxes? Eh... kinda.

People feel a lot of ways about loot box systems and there are even some places where legal action has been taken against the less fair and more sketchy systems. We have taken all that into account and come up with a system that we think is fair and we will be as transparent as possible about the rewards and drop rates. We're AE not EA (sorrynotsorry).

NOTE: This is going into testing on PTR soon so this is all subject to change.


There are three tier of chests.

  • Soldier's Chest - You get one of these free every day (except when you get a higher tier chest)
  • Warlord's Chest - You get one of these excellent chests every 7th day logging in.
  • Emperor's Chest - You get one of these highest quality chests every 28th day of logging in.

Don't worry if you miss a day or two, the count does NOT reset. If you miss a day or a week, you come back to right where you left off. If you have opened 5 daily chests then your internet goes down for a week, your 6th daily chest will be waiting for you when you log back in.

NOTE: This DOES NOT mean that you will get all the chests for the days that you missed, only that you will start exactly where you last left off in the 28 day reward cycle. You can't skip 28 days then log in and open 28 chests. That would be a terrible DAILY REWARD system.


All of the treasure chest Equipable Items will be unique to the chests. You won't be able to get them anywhere else in the game. All Equipable Items will be cosmetics. None of the gear will have levels or stats so anyone trying to jump on the Pay2Win anger-train can hop off at this station.

The chests always contain 1 guaranteed Equipable drop, and 2 other consumable drops.

  • Soldier's Chest - Guaranteed Superior or Better Item (Green) and 2 small stacks of consumables. 
  • Warlord's Chest - Guaranteed Flawless or Better Item (Blue) and 2 small stacks of consumables. 
  • Emperor's Chest - Guaranteed Epic or Better Item (Purple) and 2 small stacks of consumables. 

Each chest has a chance to drop a Legendary Item (Gold). The better the chest, the better your chances.

Equipables Include: Travel Forms, Pets, Weapons, Armor, Shoulders, Back Item, Helm, Gloves, Boots, Belt.

Consumables Include: Dragon Crystals (stacks range from 8 to 145 DCs), Class Tokens (used to purchase classes or class gear), Pet Feed, Potions/Boosts, Temporary Travel Forms, Treasure Shards (We'll get to those).

NOTE: There are several stacks of Dragon Crystals ranging from 8 (plus or minus 5) to 145 (plus or minus 5). The larger the amount, the less frequently they will drop. You will commonly get lower amounts and every once in a while hit the jackpot.


Here are your chances of getting different rarity items in the different chests.

  • Soldier's Chest:
    • Superior Item (Green) - 85%
    • Flawless Item (Blue) - 14%
    • Epic Item (Purple) - 0.9%
    • Legendary Item (Gold) - 0.1%
  • Warlord's Chest:
    • Flawless Item (Blue) - 60%
    • Epic Item (Purple) - 30%
    • Legendary Item (Gold) - 10%
  • Emperor's Chest:
    • Epic Item (Purple) - 70%
    • Legendary Item (Gold) - 30%


The system is set up so that you will never get an item that you already got from a Treasure Chest, at least until you own every single item of that quality.

EXAMPLE: Let's say that there are 30 Flawless Quality Equipable Items in the treasure chests. Every time you get a Flawless Item, it will be one that you have not seen yet. Once you get ALL of the Flawless Items, you will start seeing items that you already own but they will automatically be turned into Treasure Shards (explained below).


Let's say that you really like the look of one particular Treasure Chest weapon. If you want to, you can buy it individually instead of waiting for it to drop from your daily chests or purchased chests, but you won't use DCs or gold...

...You will use TREASURE SHARDS!

Shard Prices:

  • Superior Item (Green) - 100 Treasure Shards
  • Flawless Item (Blue) - 300 Treasure Shards
  • Epic Item (Purple) - 1000 Treasure Shards
  • Legendary Item (Gold) - 5000 Treasure Shards


There are 3 ways to get Treasure Shards:

  1. You can get a small stack in any Treasure Chest as one of your consumable drops.
  2. You can choose to Shard any Treasure Chest Equipable which will destroy that item and give you Treasure Shards instead. You can do this from the Chest screen or from your inventory at any time.
    (NOTE: Treasure Chest Equipables cannot be Deleted, only Sharded)
    (NOTE: If you Shard an item, you may receive it again)
  3. If you already have every item of a certain quality and begin getting duplicate items, these will automatically be Sharded for you and added to your Treasure Shard total.

Each item will return 20% of its Shard Price, when Sharded.

EXAMPLE: All Epic Items (Purple) cost 1000 Treasure Shards. 20% of 1000 is 200. You will receive 200 Treasure Shards for Sharding an Epic Item.


For those who wish to, we have made Treasure Chest purchasable for Dragon Crystals.

NOTE: Chests purchased with Dragon Crystals will never drop Dragon Crystals as a reward.

Chest Prices:

  • Soldier's Chest - Cannot be purchased. You get these every day for free.
  • Warlord's Chest - 400 DCs
  • Emperor's Chest - 1000 DCs

We have balanced these prices against the odds of getting items of that value from them and padded it a bit in your favor.


Either today or tomorrow, we will be activating this system on our Public Test Realm with a small selection of the rewards that we have planned. We want as many people as possible to test them so your PTR character will also be getting 50,000 DCs to buy Treasure Boxes with.

This is ONLY on the PTR and none of the DCs or items received will carry over into live game servers.

We think we've made this system fun, fair and desirable. Everyone can get anything in any of the chests either through patience, Sharding or purchasing chests. Even if you purchase a ton of chests, you Shard any duplicate items you get so you are always making progress toward getting that highly desirable item. It will offer EVERYONE a way to get free DCs and open up some new Travel Forms and Pets to free players, while rewarding those who support the game with acquiring the same items just faster.

We encourage all of you to log into the PTR, try it out and let us know what you think!

How to get on the Steam PTR (the only PTR for now).

PTR Discord Server for PTR feedback.

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