The Darkovia Saga Part 2

The Darkovia Saga Part II is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Friday, December 15, 2017

Whilst the war between Vampires and Werewolves rages on, a young life hangs in the balance… and only you are brave enough (or crazy enough) to journey deep into a forest drenched in the curse of eternal darkness to search for a fabled cure. The gate is now open… join us in-game as we explore the forest of Darkovia!

The Terrortoma is live!

Darker Monsters

Beware! There are far more deadly creatures than just Vampires and Werewolves in Darkovia forest. Take the Terrortoma for example… our top candidate for this year’s valentines card cover.

Darker Heroes

Meet little Dread. As Darkovia’s expert werewolf hunter speaks softly, and carries a BIG metal hand claw thing! Talk to her and perhaps she can help you on your quest. Or at the very least, let you craft your own claw.

Darker Bonus Challenge Fights

You better bring some friends-- once you discover the new challenge fights it will take team work to earn some of the games most interesting rewards.

A guy in a tin foil hat

Hooper is probably crazy.

Darker Dungeons

Dive into Darkovia’s three new dungeons where gear and vampire fangs drop faster than our steam rating. At some point, you are going to wonder why there is a Vampire named David. Then you are going to Google it and go, “Ooooh… I see what you did there.”

The Darkest Darkovia!

We hope you enjoy the Darkovia Part II story and are excited for the Vampire Castle and Werewolf Lair that will open when the story continues. Next week, however, the weather-moglin says to expect snow in the town of Battleon! But this weekend… we descend into the darkness! See you in game.

Battle on!
Artix & AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. You can get to Darkovia from the travel crystal or your travel menu.
P.P.S. This weekend I am making a trailer for Darkovia (both, parts I & II). So if you see me running around, I am probably recording-- fight your hardest!
P.P.PS. HeroMart has Vamp and Lycan shirts in, also the Calendar.


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