Friday the 13th - The Transdimensional Crystal

Glisel | Thursday, May 12, 2022

A New Oddity

Return to the Oddities Shop where a strange new artifact awaits. A large mysterious crystal sits on a shelf among an assortment of other strange trinkets Mysterious Johnson has collected. A dark alternate dimension is contained within... as well as an evil version of Warlic. Help Mysterious Johnson and the true Warlic to put away this evil for good.

Also, Dottie is back in Battleon to take you back to Camp Gonnagetcha if you want to revisit the previous seasonal Friday the 13th Shrade content.


Elementals of Destruction

Dark Warlic has conjured elementals to attack the structure of the crystal. Enough damage will cause it to break and release him. Destroy the elementals to keep Dark Warlic inside.

Complete Warlic’s “Elemental Studies I” quest to earn the Elemental Corruptor title and a special Staff of Notes.

Destroying the elementals also gives you a chance to receive:

  • An elemental staff (seen above)
  • Corrupted Mote
  • An elemental aura.

Note: The type of staff or aura depends on the type of elemental you kill.

Break the Connection

Help Warlic investigate the connection between the giant sigil and the elementals. Perhaps he will figure out a way to break it and confront Dark Warlic.

The Shattered Soldier

This soldier has a magical connection to Dark Warlic. What happens if that connection is broken?

Defeating this two-headed soldier gives you a chance to receive:

  • Shattered Soldier Left Helm
  • Shattered Soldier Right Helm
  • Corrupted Mote
  • Darlic’s Mirror Fragment

Corrupted Elementals Shop

Can’t get enough of the Corrupted Elementals? This is your one stop shop for all your needs. Pets, auras, and awesome shoulder equips. Each item costs Corrupted Mote tokens.

  • Cursed Flame pet and consumable aura
  • Toxic Smog pet and consumable aura
  • Corrosive Soot pet and consumable aura
  • Acid Rain pet and consumable aura
  • Cursed Flame Candela (shoulder)
  • Toxic Smog Candela (shoulder)
  • Corrosive Soot Candela (shoulder)
  • Cursed Portal Spires (shoulder)
  • Toxic Portal Spires (shoulder)
  • Corrosive Portal Spires (shoulder)
  • Acid Portal Spires (shoulder)
  • Corrupted Mote tokens (purchasable with DCs)

Dark Warlic’s Garb

You too can dress like Dark Warlic… er, Darlic… by collecting Darlic’s Mirror Fragments to turn-in to Warlic. The good Warlic.

  • Darlic's Armor
  • Darlic's Helm
  • Darlic's Shoulder
  • Darlic's Cloak
  • Darlic's Glove
  • Darlic's Belt
  • Darlic's Boot
  • Darlic's Staff

Pocket Residue

Earn extra Corrupted Motes and Mirror Fragments by completing the Pocket Residue daily quest on Warlic.

Seasons Cleaning

What Left in this Release?

  • Grenwog seasonal content

What's Leaving Next?

  • Carnaval seasonal content - leaves May 25th
  • May the 4th Be with you seasonal content - leaves June 1st
  • Camp Gonnagetcha - leaves June 8th

Note: All Friday the 13th content in the Oddities Shop is permanent.

Wait a minute! Is something... or someone... missing in this release?

Yes. Why yes, a few things are mysteriously missing from this Friday the 13th release. The ship that was originally scheduled to take us to Skullpunch Island is nowhere to be found. Or is it? There is only one Friday the 13th this year... but who cares about dates when you have a few capable Chronomancers nearby. Keep your eyes and ears peeled here for some exciting breaking news.

Meanwhile, the team is hard at work building all of the upcoming story releases for you. These include the Nulgath Saga and the Main Vane Storyline.  Also new classes.... we are long overdue for new classes. We would love your input on our story focused direction. We are going to ask you some questions in a player feedback form soon... check the Artix's Twitter and Facebook for the link.

Battle on!


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