DragonSlayer Testing for Legendary Tier Kickstarter Backers

Artix Krieger | Thursday, December 14, 2017

Calling all Legendary Tier Kickstarter Backers!

We have just released the DragonSlayer class for testing on the PTR (Public Testing Realm). As promised in the Kickstarter, players who pledged at the Legendary tier ($120) or above get early access. Cannot access the PTR from your device or missed the kickstarter? No worries! Read on below on how you can give DragonSlayer a test drive soon. But first... check out the class skills!

DragonSlayer class is.... really good at fighting Dragons.

Dragonspear attack from Dragonslayer

Dragonlance (and all DragonSlayer skills) do +10% against DRAGONKIND...which, includes drickens.


DragonSlayer Class Skills

If there is one common trait among all DragonSlayers, it is their raw determination to defeat their fire breathing foes no matter the challenge. So instead of mana, chi, or rage, DragonSlayer's have DETERMINATION. Every strike builds a DragonSlayer's determination... and when it is above 50%, all of the DragonSlayer's skills become EMPOWERED causing them to do devastating, bonus effects.

DragonSlayer Auto Attack

  • 10% more damage vs Dragons
  • 2 Handed Attack animations
  • Each hits fills you with DETERMINATION

Shatterscale (Shatterscale Strike)

  • Normal: Strike through your enemy with a piercing stab.+10% damage vs Dragons
  • When Empowered: Deals double damage and ignores 25% of your foe's armor

Disrupt (Fang Breaker)

  • Normal: Deals a heavy blow to the enemy. +10% damage vs Dragons
  • When Empowered: Silences target! Prevents enemy from casting spell.


  • Normal: Launch a javelin through even the thickest of dragon hides. +10% damage vs Dragons
  • When Empowered: Causes target to bleed.

Final Descent (Death from Above)

  • Normal: Jump up into the air and bring down a devastating blow down onto a single enemy. Dealths 10% of the target's MAX health as BONUS DAMAGE (up to double damage). Oh yeah... +10% damage vs Dragons
  • When Empowered: This strike becomes an Area of Effect (AoE) skill-- hitting ALL nearby enemies!

Legendary Backer Armor

Legendary Kickstarter Backer Chest Armor

Helm & Shoulders earned separately

While it was never promised in our original Kickstarter, we always try to go above and beyond. So we are creating a armor variants for your DragonSlayer, Paladin, Necromancer, and Ninjas classes. On the PTR (and only on the PTR right now), you can also test out this version of the DragonSlayer chest armor. It is in the Founders Sanctuary in the "Legendary Founder Shop".  We will release this all to the live server for you at the same time.

Why test on the PTR?

Classes and other major game-changing features are a pretty big deal. So we test it first on the PTR to find game-breaking bugs, balance, exploits, and get your feedback. The goal is to test them with as many people as possible, fix any issues, and release it to the live server as quickly as possible!

When will DragonSlayer be released for EVERYONE?

Simple release order...

  1. Legendary Kickstarter Backers test DragonSlayer on PTR
  2. All players can help test DragonSlayer on the PTR
  3. Legendary Kickstarter Backers get early access to DragonSlayer on LIVE GAME
  4. All players can then quest to unlock DragonSlayer on LIVE GAME

Why do Legendary Kickstarter backers get DragonSlayer first?

Short answer! During the Kickstarter where people pledged to make this game a reality, they paid for this specific privilege. We are very grateful. We would be honored if you would join us in saying thank you to anyone you see pre-testing DragonSlayer. It is the classy thing to do.

But the PTR is not available on Phones/Tablets! How do I pre-test it?

Legendary Backers will get early access to it on the live game. We will make DragonSlayer available on the live server for all the Legendary Backers as soon as it passes testing on the PTR.

Why is the class design on DragonSlayer so good?

This class was a big collaboration between members of the Artix Entertainment team, lead by Rabblefroth. I really like the unique skills and animations which plays very differently than any of the previous classes. You really need to make decisions when playing this class-- and those decisions can change the outcome of intense battles.

Public Test Realm


Play and give us Feedback on DragonSlayer Skills!

Please use this post to give feedback in the comments section of this post. All players are able to log onto the PTR and give feedback on the balancing changes. Legendary Backers are able to give feedback on the DragonSlayer skills. We will all be watching here.... without blinking. Like this. O_O

P.S. Cross your vampire and werewolf fingers for tomorrow Darkovians! Hoping to sink your teeth into a new release.


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