Happy Earth Day!

Rellik | Wednesday, April 20, 2022

A Quiet Place

In the heart of the Heartwood Forest, talk to the giant tree called "Voice of the Forest" to help
new saplings spring to life as we celebrate Earth Day. The Voice will teach you to encourage seedlings to sprout from the Earth by gathering materials from around Lore. Unlock the 2022 Earth Day Trove by completing the “A New Seed” quest.


The 2022 Earth Day Trove

  • Druidic Armor set
  • Earthen Horns
  • Earthen Dagger
  • Earthen Horned Mask **Guardian only**
  • Aura of Growth


Earth Day Items (DC Shop)

  • Earth Day Celebratory Sword
  • Earthen Cleaver
  • Earthsworn Zweihander


Celebrate Earth Day in Real Life

While you heroically help Heartwood’s forest flourish in-game, it is also a great opportunity to think about how to use your powers to help the real world too. You can make a difference by picking up trash around your neighborhood, raking your yard, making a pinecone bird feeder, planting a garden… and if you’re feeling devious, find some dandelions and blow their seeds. People think of dandelions as weeds, but they are a great source of food for insects and humans, and help restore depleted minerals to the soil.

J6 shared with us an Earth Day tradition from his home, called Earth Hour. “Everyone in the neighborhood shuts down for an hour. No lights, no TV, no phone… and it's amazingly peaceful. You take the time to talk more with your family, discover new card games, find fun things to eat that don't require an oven, and most of the time we go way beyond the hour and just forget to turn everything back on. It'll melt your worries away and might make you realize how much noise electricity makes in your life.”

We're the dominant species on the planet, but we're just one species out of millions who need it to survive. We have the time, the skill, and the knowledge to make it habitable, so start with your own backyard and watch the positivity spread outwards from there.


A new addition to Death’s Stash

A much requested item, the Red Reaper’s Skull Belt is now available in Death’s Stash, for those who like to explore. If you don’t know where Death’s Stash is, maybe try going back to where it all started…


Seasons Cleaning

This week, April Fowls and Heroes Heart Day have left Battleon! Now that the fowl invaders have been successfully repelled, Maurice can finally take his vacation until the next Heroes Heart Day.

Next week, the Lunar New Year shop will be closed for business, so get your gear to celebrate the Year of the Tiger while you can!


Coming soon to AQ3D

We are excited about how well the upcoming Nulgath saga is coming together. The map, the monsters, the dungeon experience. We just need a little more time to make sure it is ready for release. If you would like to see how it’s going so far, Artix posted a sneak peak of Dage’s artwork on the monsters and weapons you will find in the beautifully haunted Red Forest.

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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