Frogzard Egg Hunt Returns!

Glisel | Friday, April 2, 2021

Hooper is in Yulgar's Inn!

Hooper is waiting for you in Yulgar's Inn!  ('Cause we ran out of room on the bridge in town.) He and his tin foil hat are back to enlist anyone on his egg hunt that will listen to him. And if you get the ear rewards... you will be able to hear loud and clear!

Have a seat and listen to Hooper's wild story about the elusive Grenwog before heading back out into the world to hunt for those frogzard eggs.

Hunt the Eggs to get the rewards!

Ears & Tails

  • Cottontail Ears & Tail
  • Doombunny Ears & Tail
  • Pinkie Ears & Tail
  • Chaotic Ears & Tail

Gunter Item Set

  • Gunter Wings
  • Gunter Armor
  • Gunter Shoulders
  • Gunter Hood
  • Hunter Belt, Gloves, and Boots
  • Grenwog Chopper (Axe)
  • Grenwog Slasher (Sword)
  • Grenwog Smasher (Hammer)

How do you find the eggs!?

The only clues for this challenge are the names of the eggs themselves. If you are having trouble figuring it out, ask the other players or check the player-run wiki.

April Fools

The Egg hunt is on!

There is still time to get in on this year's April Fool's stuff. Players are spawning Gimmics and running live events in game. We are keeping as many AdventureQuest 3D events active right now as possible to make sure you have lots of things to do.  (Also, the next part of the Sandsea Saga is up on the PTR for testing this weekend. Releasing next week!) See you in game and...

Egg Hunt on!
Glisel, Artix, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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