Fly on the Wall? [ Monday Meetings]

Artix Krieger | Monday, February 25, 2019

If you were at Fly on the Wall here the lab?

What would you hear if you were a fly on the wall at the Artix Entertainment Secret Underground Lab during the frenzy weekly game release planning?

Absolutely nothing. Fly's do not have ears. Which makes it that old saying so weird. (Except for the Ormia ochracea -- it is the only species of fly that hears the same way we do #NerdFacts)

AdventureQuest 3D Top Secret Meeting Notes

"Da PvP dun broke gud!", said the AdventureQuest 3D coding team-- if you translated it into Trolluk.
Last week we surprise tossed Player vs Player up on our public testing server for you to try out. The server crashed a good bit. So, you did a good job testing *thumbs up*. The programming team has been giving extra caffeine rations and is now reading through the logs and investigating.

"Show meh da Doomwud!"
The first part of the Doomwood revamp is coming out this week. It is pretty straight forward-- so, this week we will be adding challenge fights, secret stuffs, and anything that will add more fun to the revamp.

"Dage's Burfday!"
The 2019 Dage collection will be coming NEXT week. Which includes some of the evilist new items in AdventureQuest 3D (from undead horses, flying spell books, to new Undead Legion weapontry and armors.) There will also be an expansion to the Undead Legion's Underworld. Cannot wait that long? Missed out on last year? Along with DoomWood this week, the returning items will become available "ala-cart" in a birthday shop.

Looooot butt'n
Ever get your loot bag blocked by another player? We're coding the loot button for PC/Mac & Mobile right now.

I am screenshot fail bad :-(
I had ONE JOB last week... to get screenshots. We built a special tool to take them. I got lots of players to help. But they all broke *cries*. We recoded the tool and I will be BACK ONLINE taking... the same screenshots again. Hope you are around when I am on to be in them! (Going to post the ones from last week online just for the heck of it.)

Korin's got de-modded and banned on da Twitch!?
"Account sharing's bad m'kay" So, LOL, Korin has been streaming on our Twitch channel. His visiting family was watching from his home computer. Which had his admin account... and one of his relatives were not quite as... well... LOL... he had to de-mob and ban his account. Were you there for that stream? (Sill funny). On it I got called out for more bank slots and spaces....

Zhoom said he would boost the amount of space you get per bank vault by 10 for everyone, and also increase the number of vaults you can get.

My ears are bleeding AQ3D!
Our Steam rating has been steadily climbing-- players have been noticing how much work and effort has been constantly been going into the game. After reading the comments it seems that everyone wants to see the game sound improved next. So this morning I texted Jongaar about coming in to do an overhaul of sound. Two big feature requests include "3d positional audio" and "engine and cutscene level audio cues in cinematics". PanicPop from the coding team is doing that after the loot bag button. It will probably take a while to get this all in... but it will be nice having all the new music in game (including the AQ3D themesong that has never been released-- even though we used a clip from it in every video we post and you HAVE already heard Jongaar's heavy metal remix of it. Classic AE.)

Android players dominating AQ3D
The vast majority of AdventureQuest 3D players are playing from their Android devices. Including players who log in from multiple platforms. This has been a notable trend for a really long time. For those of us who are "PC MASTER RACE" or have dedicated our pocket-space to the almighty "APPLE" the competitive spirit kicks in. The number of people using android devices in the world as a % is just staggering... and constantly growing. If this is the first time you are hearing this, Google is winning the technology war on every front. 

Screenshot Saturday #7 WAR!!!!!!!!!
Pacifica just posted all the Screenshot Saturday posts in a battle-oriented Facebook gallery. It is PVP vs PVE. Vote with your likes. (Basically just like any picture you like and you will see what happens next.)

I said, "The screensharks from this weekend were do good!" At least, that is what Cysero thought I said. We laughed. I think this is a think now. We want to call our top Screenshot champions Screensharks and are thinking of terrible items that might be able to reflect this.

OMG!!!! Have you been eaves dropping on us this entire time O_O

You can go vote with likes by liking all your favorite screenshots here






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