2020 Frostval Collection

Glisel | Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Happy Frostval!

The 2020 Frostval collection is now live in game. Humbug the Moglin says, "Bah. Hope this year's collection brings you discomfort, joylessness, and the tears of all who dare oppose you." As a chaotic evil moglin, the whole spirit of Frostval sorta flies right over his head. Maybe his heart stat is 3 sizes too small? Humbug is currently scheming to summon coal elementals into everyone's stockings. Meanwhile, Cuddly Blizzy (who may be the most adorable Moglin yet) is arranging a meeting with three ghosts who say they can help with Humbug's problems.

2020 Frostval Collection

The 2020 Frostval Collection features four new weapon and armor sets by AdventureQuest 3D's top artists.  Also 3 new pets and 1 new travel form! Here is what you will find inside the collection:

  • Humbug the Moglin (Pet & Travel Form)
  • Cuddly Blizzy (Pet)
  • Frost Vampragon (Pet)
  • Frozen Warrior Armor Set
  • Frozen Warrior Sword
  • Frozen Warrior Icicles Crown (alternate helm)
  • Frost Tzar Armor Set
  • Frost Tzar Saber
  • Cold Steel Armor Set
  • Cold Steel Masked Crown (alt helm)
  • Cold Steel Hooded Crown (alt helm)
  • Cold Steel Sword
  • Cold Steel Sword and Shield

Collection includes Badge & Title!

As per tradition, you can buy any piece individually using DragonCrystals. Or, you can unlock the entire 2020 Frostval Collection for 4900 DragonCrystals. Not only will this give you year-round access saving you bank space, save you a ton of DCs, and give you the warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting our ongoing releases... you will also unlock the 2020 Frostval Collector Badge and title "Humbug".


Also just released!

Also new in this release...

  • Daily Tasks! Earn XP and gold every day from
  • Level Capstones! Earn XP and powered rewards after you reach the level cap
  • Guilds can now be created by all players
  • Gift'thulu - Summon a giant gift monster that everyone can battle and recieve loot from
Guilds can be created by all players

Yup! All players can now create guilds. (Art by Jon Eve, check out his Twitter)

Thank you & coming next!

What better way to get into the spirit of wintery festivities.... than to head to the Vampire and Werewolf infested forest of Darkovia! O_o Wait, what? Yes! At long last, next week's AdventureQuest 3D release is .... Darkovia Part IV: The Werewolf Collisium. (If you beat down some Lycan gladiators with a wreath, you better be posting me screenshots!)

Also, rumor has it a snowy force of monsters is on route to town. Roland and Defenders are preparing defenses for the Frost Siege! 

See you in game and... Happy Frostval!
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