New in Game Version 1.8.9

Artix Krieger | Friday, May 18, 2018

Version 1.8.9 code name "Lemon Marshmallow Party Stuffing"

We did some AdventureQuest 3D things! Sorry for the late post, I was out with Strep Throat this time ( I going for some sort of being sick world record this year?) This release makes it easier to play with friends, lighting stuff, PC & Mac graphical features, Epic Founder Portrait, and more.

Players that stay together, slay together!

Ever have that problem where you are trying to join your friend and the area they are in is full? Or you are with your party and everyone runs into the next area and suddenly you are all split up? --which, is exactly what you are NOT SUPPOSED TO DO in any horror movie! Then good news. We fixed it! (We think.)

  • Rooms now allow extra friends to join even if they are full (Party time!)
  • Parties will be "sticky" when traveling the world together

Teleport on right top of your friends!

The goto/summon/teleport to friends feature will now teleport you right on top of your friend. Try it out! It is so much better this way... and yes, it is now potentially possible to troll your friends by summoning them to their death for hilarious results.

Particles now visible from all players on PC & Mac

We enabled "impact fx" particles from your fellow players if you set your graphics high enough on PC & Mac. While it would cause my phone to explode, your beastly "PC Master Race" machines can handle it.

See things further! Distance culling on PC & Mac

Typicality, far away objects hide themselves to improve performance on mobile. If you max out your graphics slider in options on PC & Mac, you will get to see everything.

Kickstarter Epic Founder Nameplate

As promised, Epic Founders and above now have a new nameplate available in the options! Designed by Charfade, it is a genius blend of the Guardian and Kickstarter nameplates.

Emote Menu!

You can now access all of your unlocked emotes from the emote menu. Right now, it is the little smiley face on your chat window. In the next round of interface improvements (see below) we are going to classy it up a bit. (Technically this feature was in 1.8.7 but it is fully working now)

Lighting Fix

When the Barbershop was first released, lighting was broken. You could tell this because after getting a haircut, your character suddenly seemed dark-- as if it was another color! We had an issue where the game engine was referencing rogue light probes in the deep, dark, void regions at the end of the map. Some things seemed lit properly... like Kitty Kawaii's braids, which looked blonde. But Kitty's hair was being effected by the bad lights turning it into a dark muddy brown. This is now... FIXED! If you go back to the barbershop (or any map) you will now notice your character is properly and brightly lit... and Kitty Kawaii's hair is consistently gorgeously stylish blonde locks of ever-flowing gold and cuteness. As God intended.


We fixed some stuff...

  • Nameplates are now hidden when you disable the interface for Screenshots
  • Saga quests now tracked automatically
  • Teleporters pads no longer have the chance to send you to CODE DOOM under weird edge cases that happen more than we would like to admit.
  • You will no longer "Spawn out of the map"
  • Emote menu's close button now... works.
  • Accepting a summon no longer generates weird invalid codes
  • You can now teleport/summon to people to... omg, how do I explain this. Some world maps (like dungeons) are split up into separate cells. You can now be summoned into a specific cell when you are already in the same map.
  • Hot fix was released to make sure Quest Chains progress properly
  • You can now be summoned/teleport while sitting in a chair
  • Animations that play when you are interacting with something now play even when other things are telling your character to play other animations. (Bossy animator controllers!)

Admin Tool Improvements

"Dear Artix, these are internal improvements for staff only-- DO NOT POST THIS ON THE DESIGN NOTES!"

  • Can now update shops without restarting the server
  • Can now update quests without restarting the server
  • Devs can now access shops & crafting for testing
  • Devs can now reset their quest progress without being kicked off the server
  • Devs can now create & edit quests, quest objectives, sagas, items, maps, map cells, NPC interactions and meta data 80% faster & easier, reducing the need to throw laptops into wall near Cysero's desk where shrapnel from your monitor may interfere with his ability to play Overwatch on his lunch break. (Which he calls Overlunch)
  • Devs can now bypass the players limit of the room. So >_> you can run, but you cannot hide!

COMING NEXT! I want your thoughts....

So, we have extra customizable action bar buttons coming. You can assign potions & travel forms for now. And I am going to be flogged for letting you know that we have equippable skills and spells working. This includes single use (or stackable) scrolls. It also includes the possibility have having equippable skills like the original AdventureQuest. These extra slots are available on both PC & Mobile.

While we are at it...

This PC interface design has been brought back to the table! I would like your input. How greatly would this please your eyes top see this when you were playing AQ3D?

A few notes

  • Allows your eyes to stay at the bottom of the screen for both health, mana, and skills.
  • The bars need to be bigger (and buffs/debuffs would stack on top of them)
  • Nameplate font would not change...
  • Mobile interface would not change.

Let the team and I know your interface thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. We are rolling out a new pre-intro today to help players who are having trouble controlling the game.





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