Testing Greenguard on the PTR!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Want to test the new Greenguard Forest before it goes live?

If you are that brave, special type of gamer, who wants to be the first to see the new content and help us fix any last minute bugs and issues-- we JUST posted the new Greenguard Forest onto our Public Testing Realm (PTR). We will be intensely testing it for the next 24 hours in an attempt to catch all bugs and release tomorrow along with the newest game engine, and barber shop customization options-- before Hurricane Irma reaches Florida. To everyone else in the Hurricane's path, be safe, stock up on water and supplies, and be sure to keep those gas tanks filled.

Get your Dricken travel form while you can!

If you want the Dricken travel form, you do not have much time left. They will disappear from Gaz's shop and be replaced when Greenguard goes live! Replaced with what? Well, I retweeted Cysero's leak on my Twitter.

Special Offer this weekend?

As per tradition, we will release the new travel forms with a limited time discount. One long time player on Twitter who lives in Florida asked me why we were doing a limited time weekend discount when there was a Hurricane coming our way? I responded that it is the perfect time in the benefit of our players... because we cannot turn off the discount until we get power back on in the lab!  #HindSight20/20IamNotSureThisMakesSenseButOKIAmJustgoingToGoWithIt

Fox 13 News & Hurricane Prep

So, our local Fox 13 News scheduled to interview us about AQ3D tomorrow morning. But given the abrupt gas shortages (every gas station here is out, and store shelves have been emptied of all bottled water-- it is sorta crazy.) I made tomorrow through the end of the Hurricane "telecommute days." I jokingly told Fox 13 news that we could just drive to everyone's houses to get footage of them working on the game, LOL... but agreed that we should postpone. A skeleton crew will be here at the Lab (Go hybrid/electric cars!) including myself. But the entire team will be online and working on getting Greenguard tested to release this weekend for you to enjoy. Battle on!


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