Heartwood Forest Dungeon and Challenge!

Glisel | Thursday, April 23, 2020

Become a Behemoth Hunter!

Find Drak, the Behemoth Hunter, in Heartwood Forest. He has two adventures where he'll teach you the ropes. Literally. Learn how to build a crafting table, create traps, and bait the Razorshell River Turtle in a special challenge adventure with new rewards including pets and a full epic quality set of Cryptodirax items.... including that cool back shell item in the pic far below!

Heartwood Craft Table

A Craft & Hunt Challenge

Once you have mastered the basics, gather a party and use what you learned to take on the giant Cryptodirax in the Heartwood Forest Challenge. Plus, unlock a new stat armor set to craft and the Razorshell Turtle Pet!

Hey Elite Players! You won't blast through this release in 10 minutes... promise.

This is a very fun and fair new challenge map. It was created for you by Llussion. He has a long history of adding new gameplay mechanics in his maps... and all of us on the staff who are testing it fell in love with this release. Hope you do to.

Drak, the Behemoth Hunter

You'll find Drak in Heartwood Forest under a canopy of yellow-leaf trees. He's eager to show you how to become a behemoth hunter. You can also visit unlock the epic Cryptodirax Armor set (with stats!) to craft and the Razorshell Turtle Pet after completing the dungeon.

Cryptodirax Armor Set w/ Stats

The new items in Heartwood drop around your power level... including the new Cryptodirax set.  When crafting the pieces, they will complete at your level minus one, with a minimum of level 7. So, if you are currently level 30, it will be level 29. BUT if you are under level 7, it will be level 7 because that is the minimum.

The Heartwood Forest Dungeon

Drax's tutorial mission

In the dungeon, Drax will show you how to hunt behemoths. There are new skills to learn like chopping trees for wood to create a crafting table, and learning how to make the docile Razorshell River Turtle become hostile to fight it by using bait and traps. This acts as the tutorial for the challenge where you're on your own. You must be at least level 7 to enter the dungeon.

The Heartwood Forest Challenge

Gird your loins, because this one is a real challenge. The Heartwood Forest Challenge takes the basics of the dungeon tutorial and applies them on a grand scale to the giant Cryptodirax, a type of Razorshell Turtle. You'll see this creature coming as it crashes through the trees, but you can't fight it while it's docile. You must use the skills you learned in the dungeon on this real behemoth of a turtle. Stock up on traps and bait. If you can't hold its aggro, it will run away and you'll have to track it down again. It may take a few tries to get a hang of this one, but it's worth it. You need the drops from the Cryptodirax to craft the Cryptodirax Armor with stats.

Rogues now Duel Wield and other things improved this week!

  • Rogues now Dual Wield
  • New, improved, Eclipsion Travel Form animation
  • Skeletons got an art upgrade
  • Class Images (in your class menu) Updated
  • We fixed a lot of stuffs too!
What is HeartWood

What is HeartWood?

If you are just joining us... HeartWood is the new saga in AdventureQuest 3D. Read the full post on HeartWood forest here.

50% More Dragon Coins

50% More DragonCrystals with any in-game purchase

A great way to support our ongoing releases with a huge bonus... reload and get 50% more bonus DragonCrystals when you buy ANY package in AdventureQuest 3D. You only have until May 4th, 2020.

Begin your adventure and become a Behemoth Hunter!

See you in game.



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