2023 Heroes Heart Collection

Glisel | Tuesday, February 14, 2023

We appreciate you, Hero!

Heroes Heart Day is a time to show your appreciation for your fellow Heroes, as well as your loved ones. Spread the Love around Battleon with the newest Heroes Heart Day gear in Maurice’s shops.

The 2023 Collection

A whole new Heroes Heart Day Collection has been added to Maurice’s shops. You can buy only individual items or purchase the Collector’s Chest which gives you the entire collection, plus the title “Unrequited”.

  • Undercover Lover Full Armor Set
  • Undercover Lover Bow
  • Lovely Vampragon Travel Form
  • Lovely Vampragon [pet]
  • Spirit of Dreaming [pet]
  • Rose Steel Scythe
  • Rose Steel Dagger
  • Red Rose [weapon]
  • Yellow Rose [weapon]
  • Blue Rose [weapon]
  • Pink Rose [weapon]
  • AE Host Club Dress
  • AE Host Club Suit

Spreading the Love

After you take on Maurice’s quests to Spread the Love, you can use your Lovely Hearts to purchase rewards from his Heroes Heart Clothing shop; including these two new items:

  • Spirit of Broken Hearts pet
  • Purple Rose [weapon]

Both the Gift’thulu and Blaze gifting leaderboards will close next week. Now is the perfect time to show your appreciation for your fellow players while pushing your name closer to the top of the leaderboard.

Love is a Battlefield

Do you believe love is worth fighting for? Romeo Valentale does. He is on a quest to make something magical with the power of Love. Assist him and you will be rewarded with two lovely new weapons.

Last Chance

  • 2022 Gift’thulu Giving Leaderboard ends Feb 22nd, 2023
  • Blaze Gifting and Social District event ends on Feb 22nd, 2023
  • Lunar New Year content leaves March 1st, 2023
  • Heroes Heart Day leaves March 15th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

Next week, Yulgar’s Inn will receive a new visitor with an important quest.

Also, the Tailor Scouts contest submissions have been gathered and are now entering the judging process. We got a lot of excellent videos.

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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