Due to Hurricane Ian we are doing an XP Boost!

Artix Krieger | Monday, September 26, 2022

Heads up! Due to the incoming hurricane we are doing a XP Boost.


With the latest news on the storms path, our team here in the Tampa Bay area is now 100% focused on storm safety. Meanwhile in-game we just started an XP Boost for all players.

Greetings friend!

Hope you are well. Especially everyone up in the North East who just dealt with Hurricane Fiona this past weekend. One of our AdventureQuest 3D devs is still without power up there. While we normally try to keep the real world out of the games, another hurricane is forming south of us in the Gulf Atlantic and may impact this week's release. Wanted to give you advanced warning.

Needless to say, we prioritize the teams safety. So everyone was instructed to take care of emergency preparation before continuing their game responsibilities. Schools here in the Tampa Bay area have shut down for the week and are being converted to emergency shelters.

Hurricanes are wildly unpredictable. There is really no way to know if the hurricane will turn into a Category 4 monster or hit some resistance and spin down to just a tropical storm. We have been through a few of these now. Power outages & downed trees are very common with hurricanes. Even if we are not directly hit by the storm, sometime the power is cut as a precautionary measure for other regions. Regardless, the best plan is to always prepare for the worst.  We secured the lab earlier today and removed / unplugged everything.

Enjoy the XP Boost. We will be back as soon as we can.

Be safe everyone.



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