Inside The Vampire Castle

Cysero | Thursday, October 18, 2018


It is known by many names. The Vampire Castle. Castle Drachus. Castle Darkovia or Castle Darkov. It is the seat of power for the vampires in Darkovia and thus for much of the vampire nation throughout Lore. Mortal eyes rarely get to behold the magnificence inside and those that do never leave to tell the tale. Let's take a rare look inside the Vampire Castle.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Bridge

The castle's location was chosen for it's inaccessibility. The only way in or out (unless on the wings of a bat or in the form of mist) is by way of the main bridge. 

Over the years the war with the Werewolves has take its toll on the bridge as you will see when you try to cross it. It is protected at all times by the mighty vampire knight Solomon Dirge and his Bridge Guard, and there may be a few traps.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Main hall

The Main Hall is the central hub for the entire castle. All of the vampire knights and King Drachus's servants pass through here going from one room to another several times a night. Here you will also find Renswald, King Drachus's loyal manservant, who makes sure that his king is never bothered with trivialities beneath his notice.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Side hall

There are many twists and turns in the castle. It may take a newly made vampire a few decades to see every room but rest assured that if you know the side halls, then you know where you are going.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is most often used when the king is entertaining guests. At time you will find rare delicacies from the far reaches of Lore, as vampires tend to cultivate refined palettes over their unlives, the more often you will find feasts of a more brutal nature more suitable to these bloodthirsty creatures of the night.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Front Tower

In the castle's Front Tower you will find flight after flight of stairs that reach from the very roots of the castle to it's soaring heights. This room is rumored to be the home of some sort of lumbering hulk of a creature in the service of the king.


AQ3D Vamp Castle ballroom

No castle is complete without a ballroom for very special occasions and Castle Darkovia is no exception. However, in this ballroom the music of the band is accompanied by the spine chilling moans of long dead spirits who are cursed to glide forever across the polished marble floors in an endless waltz, all for the amusement of the king.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Library

The Vampire Castle also features a well stocked library. These shelves are lined with some of the oldest and most rare tomes in all of Lore gathered over centuries. More than one of these books appear to be written in blood rather than ink.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Throne Room

Here, King Drachus sees to his nightly business of ruling over the vampires of Darkovia. The king's court can be found here. Sycophants and groveling peons who will abase themselves to any degree only to be favored by the king with a word of notice. The King's Guard can also be found here, captained by the Drachus's favorite general, Lord Anemis.


AQ3D Vamp Castle Catacombs

Finally, deep below the castle, below the flowing water of the moat, there are the Catacombs. Slots built into the walls house the crumbling bones of favorite mortal servants and thralls and the dust of ancient kings and queens of the castle. It's said that King Drachus's son, Prince Vlad can often be found here quietly pacing and thinking.


The Vampire Castle will take place in over separate releases, the first of which will be coming tomorrow.

Prepare yourself, mortal.



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