Ravagers of the Legion

Rellik | Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Prove Your Worth

Go down for a visit to the Underworld and find Farfa, the leader of the legendary Legion Ravagers! Farfa’s elite soldiers have gone missing in action. Help track them down and prove your worth to Farfa in exchange for his knowledge of a legendary ancient weapon… the Fidg'it Spi'nar!

You can find Farfa near the Warfiend in the Underworld. To get there, follow the path and take a right, then another right. Keep in mind that the Underworld is ideal for players above level 12!

The Fidg’it Spi’nar

The legendary Fidg’it Spi’nar is used by specialists within the Ravagers of the Legion. An ancient buckler forged to look like a skull. With fast-spinning scythe-like blades adorned in skeletons, this weapon will claim the souls of anyone caught in the destructive path.

Also, it's fun to spin when you're bored.

Equip the Legion Ravager armor from the 2022 Dage Collection, along with the Fidg’it Spi’nar, and become a true Ravager!

Fidg'it Spi'nar crafting unlocks once you complete the Prove Your Worth questline. Collect Underworld Metal Shards from Daily Bosses, and Fractured Souls of the Forgotten in Pointe Less to craft your very own Fidg'it Spi'nar!

Seasons cleaning!

We’re continuing our seasonal cleanup effort, sending NPC’s home after they’ve long overstayed their welcome in Battleon! To that effect, Gunpowder Mary has been convinced to return the TLAPD collections to the depths of the sea until it’s time to uncover those treasures once again, the Midnight General has gone back to the darkest darkness, and the Cyberknight has reuploaded his consciousness to, well we don’t know exactly where he went, but he said he’d return some day when we need him the most.

Content Creator Highlight

To show our appreciation for all the amazing content creators, we’re highlighting a new video every week! This week, we’d like to show our appreciation for Camarguets! He makes great videos about AdventureQuest Worlds for Portuguese speakers, and we hope he’ll try his hand at AdventureQuest3D too! If you want to hear more about AdventureQuest Worlds in Portuguese, and convince him to make some AQ3D videos, then head over to YouTube and check out Camarguets now!

Coming soon to AQ3D

Dage the Evil brings you back to the on-going fight between the Legion and Lionfangs Paladin order with a very exciting update. You can try it out now in the Public Test Realm! To find out how to join the Public Test Realm, head on over to this page and get ready!

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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