June 2022 Special Offer: Lil' Grilly

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Get the Lil' Grilly Pet and Travel Form

"License to Grill!"

Buy any package from the Upgrade Shop this month to get the Lil' Grilly pet and the Ultimate Grillmaster Spatula. Existing Guardians (and anyone who becomes a Guardian this month) will also give you the ability to transform into Lil' Grilly! .... and magically move around the world at the same speed as a horse O_O. Check your Pet and Travel Form inventories on your next login after purchase.

June Special Offer Grill

"Netflix & Grill"

Gather your friends around your stylish portable cookware! You can smell the sizzling of the 100 organic, non-GMO moglinberry-based meat substitute! Tastes just like the real thing according to your friends-- except it does not at all. Still keto friendly

Grilling is more fun with friends

"License to Grill"

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away.... the Legendary Grillmaster embarked on his epic quest to grill... EVERYTHING. Replacing spellbooks with cookbooks their life was dedicate to culinary crusading. They forged a magical Grill, and named it Lil' Grilly. Until, one fateful day, the Grillmaster... flipped out. Searing with 500°F degrees of anger they unleashed their spatula of untold power upon the world. With so much at steak, a Hero rose-(mary) to stop the Grillmaster! Little is known of what happened next,  ... only the spatula remains.


"One day, I will grow up and be a grown up Grill just like you Dad!"

Pssst! Hey Guardians

If you are reading this in the future and missed the promotional period, Guardians can still get the travel Form... but you'll miss out on the Pet. Head to the Guardian Tower to talk to Fortes. He has a shop for "Special Guardian Rewards" where you can buy the Travel Form Transformation and any other travel forms released through these special promotions with Guardian Class Tokens. Make sure you completed the Guardian Initiation to unlock class gear.

"It's grilln' time!"

Sneak Peek Art

This month's big event is the release of the Nulgath Saga Parts 1& 2 (released together as one big release.) You have seen Seleden, the Red Forest in previous sneakpeeks... this is the Wasteland.


The Wastland is a massive yet barren area with a perpetual dust bowl storm which limits vision. Some long time players may recognize area as an important historical landscape from a previous AQWorlds Nulgath video.

Dage & Nulgath Loot

While this is all still a work-in-progress and may change before release, there are a lot of new items designed for the area-- including new Nulgath & Dage's Undead Legion items. The level cap will continue raising through the Nulgath saga. Regardless if you side with the the forces of good, Dage's Legion, or Nulgath's fiends... it should be a fun adventure.

See you in game!

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Yergen & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Aurelio Voltaire's "Back Guitar" was added to the boss fight on SkullPunch Island too! Thank you to the players who requested it.

Back Guitar

Check out the Skull Punch Island Release notes!

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