Return to Skullpunch Island with Aurelio Voltaire!

Glisel | Thursday, May 26, 2022

Special Guest & Level Cap Increase!

Prepare for a special story event with musical guest, Aurelio Voltaire!  Also, the level cap raised to 36 with this release! A strange guitar has appeared in Mysterious Johnson's Oddity's Shop.... your journey begins there.

Cap'n Chumbeard's Treasure

Aurelio Voltaire has chartered a ship to Skullpunch Island! Tük Pilfersnatch, Aurelio Voltaire's trusty companion, is happy to have you along for the journey. But... Voltaire's luck came up short when he lost his treasure map to the crew in a card game. Help him get it back from those monsters.
...No, really. They're monsters.

Defend Voltaire on the Black Betty

Luck is a fickle thing, and even more so on a pirate's ship. Voltaire's crew has muntineed and they chose Fangface... Capt Fangface... as their leader. What else can go wrong on a ship full of Vampirates and a sea full of monsters?

Skullpunch Island

Once you make it to Skullpunch Island, you still need to find Cap’n Chumbeard's treasure. Where's the best place to hide something on an island? In a volcano, of course! But first, you have to get in the door. You just need to knock... with King Gong's hammer...

Level Cap Increase!

AdventureQuest 3D's level cap is  increasing by 1 in this week's special story release. This kicks off our climb to level 40... which goes to the end of the Nulgath Saga.

X Marks the Spot

Fight your way through the volcano and find the keys to unlock the door to the treasure room. Work fast. Capt Fangface is hot on your trail.

Escape from Skullpunch Island

Something is not right with the treasure... Prepare to fight a cursed creature inside the volcano and *escape* from Skullpunch Island. And then do it again with your friends in challenge mode!

Skullpunch Island Shop and Drops

Many of these items can also be earned as drops from monsters throughout the release!

Capt Fangface's Loot

  • Exquisite Beard Hair (token)
  • Capt Fangface’s armor set
  • Bone Turtle Pet
  • King Gong pet
  • Ground Splash Aura (consumable)
  • Drips Aura (consumable)
  • Peck o' Polly's Aura (consumable)

Vampirate Outfits

  • Vampirate Flag Scrap (token)
  • Flappy Bat pet
  • Vampirate Swashbuckler Suit (armor)
  • Swashbuckler’s Visage
  • Swashbuckler’s Bandana
  • Swashbuckler’s Sash
  • Vampirate Cannonneer Suit (armor)
  • Vampirate Face morph (helm)
  • Cannoneer’s Bandana (helm)
  • Cannoneer’s Visage
  • Cannoneer’s Dash
  • Batwing Cutless
  • Vampirate Shoulder
  • Vampirate Glove
  • Vampirate Cape
  • Vampirate Boot
  • Vampirate Belt
  • Cursed Bonefish Gun (Pistol)
  • Skull Notes Aura (consumable)

Voltaire Items (Challenge Dungeon drops only)

  • Voltaire Pirate Hat
  • Voltaire Armor
  • Voltaire Boots
  • Voltaire Glove
  • Voltaire's Guitar

Gothic Pirate Set

  • Gothic Pirate Coat
  • Gothic Pirate Bandana
  • Gothic Pirate Boots
  • Gothic Pirate Gloves
  • Gothic Pirate Holster
  • Gothic Pirate Scarf

About Aurelio Voltaire

Aurelio Voltaire is a dark, gothic, pirate singer & performer. He is a regular Friday the 13th guest on AdventureQuest Worlds and better known as a creator of music, comic books, animation, and creepy toys. Check out his videos, upcoming live concerts and the launch date of his next, highly anticipated Black Labyrinth album at


DC Bonus Returns

Earn 50% extra DragonCrystals with any purchase in the Upgrade Shop starting Thr, May 26th until Wed, Aug 10.

Seasons Cleaning

What Left in this Release?

  • Carnaval seasonal content
  • Moistverse *moved* to Special Locations section of Adventure Menu

What's Leaving Next?

  • May the 4th seasonal content - leaves June 1st
  • Camp Gonnagetcha - leaves June 8th
  • DC Bonus - leaves Aug 10

Reminder: All Friday the 13th content in the Oddities Shop is permanent, including Skullpunch Island.

Coming Soon

Originally, the team had planned to release military-themed armor sets to honor all soldiers and warriors from every country. Out of respect for the on-going real world conflict in Ukraine, we have decided to delay their release.

We are here to make fun and funny game releases to provide an escape from the real world for all our players, especially in times when it is needed the most. Thank you for your understanding, and to everyone who was looking forward to the items, never fear; they will arrive in-game in the future.

Also, next week marks the beginning of June; so look forward to our June promotion in the Upgrade Shop. It will include a pet (and travel form for Guardians) AND a weapon. This will be a light release week as the team recuperates after two full Friday the 13th releases this month and continues work on the Nulgath saga.

See you on the island....

Battle on!

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