Mmmmm.... Unlucky Charms!

Glisel | Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Lucky Day is happening in the Social District in Battleon!

Head to the Social District of Battleon where Lucky Day is happening! Dance with the Bad Luck Sneevil and Cloverzards to collect Clover Leaf tokens. Use those tokens to purchase items from Lucky Lad's collection or purchase the Collector's Chest which contains some exclusive Lucky Day items.

Luck of the Green-ish

Accept Lucky Lad's "Luck of the Green-ish" Daily Quest and you will earn extra Clover Leaf tokens from dancing with the Bad Luck Sneevil and Cloverzards. Use the Clover Leaf tokens to buy individual items from Lucky Lad's collection, including the Clover Leaf-only item "Golden 4-Leaf Clover Luckabuto".

2021 Lucky Day Collection

The Lucky Day Collection includes a full set of armor created by Winnie, and several weapons, and a collection-exclusive pet and staff.

  • "Lucky Charmer" collection title
  • Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Staff (Weapon - Collection Only)
  • Lucky the Clover (Pet - Collection Only)
  • Lucky Piper's Bagpipes
  • Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Sword & Shield
  • Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Sword
  • Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Daggers
  • Lucky Piper Shoes
  • Lucky Piper Pouch
  • Lucky Piper Clover Cape
  • Lucky Piper Jacket and Kilt
  • Lucky Piper Top Hat
  • Golden 4-Leaf Clover Luckatana


Green with Envy

This social event has a little something in this release for everyone.

Mmmm... Delicious new Boss Loot

Pssst... just so you know, if you are VERY UNLUCKY, you will get the less common spawn boss. Trust me, you will not be able to miss it. Also, the Sneevil bosses have a tiny chance of dropping a green trail effect!

The Sandsea Desert is coming next!

Man, first breakfast and now desert? Next week's Sandsea Desert release will introduce the town of Bastion. Be the first to encounter new characters and begin a brand new saga which will take you treasure hunting through ancient pyramids.

Until then, join us in celebrating Lucky Day in the social district of town!

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team


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