Mega-Don's Revenge

Artix Krieger | Thursday, October 4, 2018

He's back! For... REVENGE!

There's a shipload of amazing new craftable items which can be earned through our new deadly challenge fights!

Braken Slayer Items

Braken Slayer!?

OMG! Look at that beard...

Shark Items

"Jaws Dropping!"

Erm... let me try again.

"Billards?! But you're a Pool Shark!"

Nope... let's keep going.

"FIN-ish him!"

Feel free to leave your Shark puns in the comments section below! If you want the Shark armors, fist weapons, crossbows, spear, cannons, tail... TAIL... YOU CAN GET A SHARK TAIL!? ...and head O_O... talk to Elias Peckhard in the Pirate Town of Lolosia.

Unleash the Braken

New bumper sticker... "I Braken for Boss Fights"

The Pirate Town of Lolosia is now filled to the brim with challenge fights. After you have completed the main story, walk around and talk to everyone in town to see their items and challenges.

Taco Day Axe Game Item

Gaz is in town selling... a Taco? Sorta.

Mogloween is almost upon us... last chance to get your Pirate Collection 2018!


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