2022 Mogloween Collection

Artix Krieger | Thursday, October 13, 2022

The new Mogloween Collection just dropped in game!

Undead Paladins, the Hunter of Witch Hunters, Ghosts, Pumpkin horrors and more.... hop in AdventureQuest 3D and see this year's new collection for yourself.

Moglwoeen 2022 Collection

Items in the Mogloween 2022 Collection

Head to town and check out the shop on Myx (The talking black cauldron in town). You can get these items individually, or get the entire set as a collection which saves you DragonCrystals, includes a rare badge, title "20 years of fears" , and permanent year-round access so you can re-get the items at any time (Freeing up your inventory space.)

  • Desolate Darkness of Agony* (Evil Axe Weapon)
  • Witch Hunter Hunter's Hammer (Weapon)
  • Lil' Gourd'thulu Pet (Pet)
  • Grungy Ghost form (Travel Form)
  • Corpse Paladin Armor
  • Corpse Paladin Helmet
  • Corpse Paladin Cape
  • Corpse Paladin Shoulder
  • Corpse Paladin Gloves
  • Corpse Paladin Boots
  • Corpse Paladin Belt
  • Corpse Paladin Gloves
  • Witch Hunter Hunter Hat
  • Witch Hunter Hunter Armor
  • Witch Hunter Hunter Cape
  • Witch Hunter Hunter Gloves
  • Witch Hunter Hunter Boots
  • Witch Hunter Hunter Belt
  • Harvest Defender Hat
  • Harvest Defender Armor
  • Harvest Defender Cape
  • Harvest Defender Shoulders
  • Harvest Defender Gloves
  • Harvest Defender Belt
  • Harvest Defender Boots

* Collection Exclusive. Goes perma-rare when the collection does.

Corpse Paladin armor and weapon

Corpse Paladin

Our video game community and team have an undying love of video games.  This iconic undead version of Artix's personal armor was created by Dage to celebrate an insane 20 years of non-stop weekly game updates across all Artix Entertainment games. It takes working your fingers to the bone... literally.

The battleaxe is named the "Desolate Darkness of Agony". It features an eerie misty particle effect. It is only available as part of the collection. Once the collection leaves the game, the battleaxe will become perma-rare.

Gourd'thulu pet and Ghost Travel Form

Lil' Gourd'thulu Pet

An unspeakable ancient evil horror... now an adorable pumpkin-spice scented pet! Get the Lil' Gourd'thulu pet. But no matter how much it begs, or how big it's glowy evil puppy dog eyes are... do not feed it your friends!

Grungy Ghost Travel Form

Ghost your ex-ghoulfiends by transforming into this high speed (160% speed) travel form. Handy for exploring blue mazes filled with pellets. Just, you know, watch out for giant yellow pie-chart shaped monsters.

Elvira Hosts Artix Entertainment's Cursed 20th Anniverary of Doom

Special Event Next Week!

Next week is Artix Entertianment's 20th anniversary! You are formally invited as the guest of honor to the special event happening in two games.

See the full event page.

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