Monsters of the SandSea Desert

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sandsea Character Concept Art

Soon, you will be discovering treasure and ancient artifacts in the ancient Pyramids of the Sandsea desert. They are guarded by new races of creatures. How about a sneak peek?

Crocodile People of the SandSea Desert in AdventureQuest 3D

"Well, that a Croc of..."

Returning to our DragonFable roots, we will be bringing forth a lore from the vast desert known as the SandSea. The first, is the return of the lizard people. Crocodile people might be more accurate. The strongest and smartest above them form the Dark Pharaoh's elite guard. "After while, crocodile!"

Cat people of the Sandsea Desert in AdventureQuest 3D

"Cats outta the bag!"

Well versed in magic and quick to trade their wares and skills for a gold coin, the mysterious cat people in the desert will be important allies on your adventure. I just hope they speak common. "Cat got your tongue?"

NPCs of the Sandsea Desert

The SandSea Desert

The SandSea Desert will be the next major saga in AdventureQuest 3D. During this adventure you will once again come toe to toe with the VoidKing and his minions. After seeing these characters and meeting with the teams on the many Pyramids in this adventure... it is probably going to surprise you.

New Feature: 1 to 5 Player Dungeons

This will be one of the first areas to use our new dungeons that can change difficulty depending on how many players are in it. You can solo a dungeon, bring a friend, two friends, or more up to a full party of five. The dungeon will adjust its difficultly. This feature is in testing now and should be going live with the next AdventureQuest 3D Game Client Update.

Dungeon Vote/Kick

Another major feature in the works will allow you to punt someone who is not pulling their weight out of your group.

Level Cap Increase

We increase the level cap with each major release. This saga will introduce new weapons, and raise the level cap.


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