Staves of the Multiverse

Glisel | Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A New Quest in Dark Warlic’s Domain

Return to the world within the Transdimensional Crystal and talk to Warlic about his new quest to power the Staff of Shattering in AdventureQuest 3D. Warlic believes this staff has the ability to shatter the barrier between worlds...

Dark Warlic??

If you missed last week’s Friday the 13th release…
A dark alternate dimension is contained within a large mysterious crystal in Mysterious Johnson’s House of Oddities... as well as an evil version of Warlic. Help Mysterious Johnson and the true Warlic to put away this evil for good.

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Staves Across the Multiverse

A staff has been discovered that is capable of opening portals to multiple dimensions. Gather elemental essences from inside Dark Warlic’s domain and in our world of LORE to power the Staff of Shattering.

Complete the quest to unlock the "Multiverse Staff Shop”. All creatures in the Dark Warlic's domain have a chance to drop Multiverse Shards. Use these Shards to create alternate versions of the Staff of Shattering from this shop.

Multiverse Staff Shop

  • Staff of Chaos
  • Staff of Corrosion
  • Staff of Divinity
  • Staff of Outer Worlds
  • Staff of Purity
  • Staff of Royal Grandeur
  • Staff of Sal'mon
  • Staff of Serenity
  • Staff of Smoke
  • Staff of Temporality
  • Staff of Will
  • Staff of Yergen
  • And more!

NEW News Page!

Our in-game News page got an update! You can now see multiple news cards by scrolling to the left or right. Each card also includes a title and brief description. Click anywhere on the news card to teleport to the advertised shop or release. We would love your feedback on how this compares to the previous News page.
Edit: The news page update is coming with the next game version.

Seasons Cleaning

What Left in this Release?

What's Leaving Next?

  • Carnaval seasonal content - leaves May 25th
  • May the 4th seasonal content - leaves June 1st
  • Camp Gonnagetcha - leaves June 8th

Reminder: All Friday the 13th content in the Oddities Shop is permanent.

Coming Soon

Prepare for your return to Skullpunch Island with Aurelio Voltaire! What’s that? You’ve never been to Skullpunch Island? Sure you have! Voltaire and his perky companion Tuk are happy to remind you in next week’s release.

Also, this time of year we want to honor all the veterans across the globe that fight to keep us safe. Winnie and Thyton have created new military-inspired armor sets and weapons to be earned in-game. These items will be released with the Skullpunch release.

Until then…
Battle on!

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