#ScreenshotSaturday "Mutatium Juice Edition" **Winners Update**

Glisel | Friday, April 3, 2020

Have you tried the Mutatium Juice Pouch?

Get your drank on at the potion stall in town. Take the most fun, weird, and silly screenshots while the effects last! 5 winners will get a Warlord's Chest!

How to Participate

  1. Log on to AdventureQuest 3D and visit the potion stall in Battleon.
  2. Stock up on Mutatium Juice Pouches.
  3. Find a good location and/or find some friends, then drink that Juice!
  4. Take silly screenshots and be creative!
  5. Drop your best ones into the comments with your in-game name on Artix's "Mutatium Screenshot Saturday" Twitter post by Tuesday, April 7 for a chance to win.
  6. To protect the integrity of this super professional #ScreenShotSaturday, please do not add text to your screenshots. But, DO add your character name so we know who to give prizes too! O_O You would not believe how many people forgot during the last one.


5 lucky winners will be chosen by me (Glisel) and awarded a Warlord's Chest in their inventory.


  1. Az-Leun ( @Leun_Rm)

  2. BL00dyHeLL ( @BL00dyHeLL)

  3. Kute  ( @KuteAQ3D)

  4. Lunaceria ( @JusticarLuna)

  5. Sorrow ( @OwMyHeadHurtz)


Congratulations Winners!

Sponsored by new Puce & Olive Flavored Mutatium Juice!  "Mmmmm... mmmm... mmmm... blarghgghghrhghrhgh!"

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