Ninja Class released with Thyton's story!

Artix Krieger | Friday, February 8, 2019

Ninja Class just released in AdventureQuest 3D!

"Want to be silent but deadly?"

The Ninja class has just been released! Find Thyton (the guy in the golden spartan looking helm who may or may not be a ninja...) in town. He will show you the way... of the ninja. But beware! The path to becoming a ninja is fraught with peril... and new craftable item and armor sets.

Artix punched by ninja with backwards knee jutsu

Wait... Ninja released before Paladin and Necormancer?

Rule #1: Ninjas are sneaky. Ninjas... are ALWAYS sneaky. If you saw this coming, it wouldn't be a "ninja release".

Shadow Walker Ninja Set

If you want to truly understand a ninja, shadow walk a mile in their shadow shoes.

In this week's new area, there are a ton of new permanent Thyton armor and item sets that you can craft.

Lightbringer Ninja Set

If the Shadow Walkers are of the day, then the Lightbringers are of the day

Because if you're only training half the day, your wasting half the day. Lightbringers do not believe perfection is attainable.. (their armor is for the record)... but they believe in the relentless pursuit of becoming perfect. In doing this, they prepare their mind, body, and spirit for unthinkable threats.

*sings* "Kama kama kama comedian..."

Sharp as a blade or your gold back!

You like swords? You like wings? We got your back-- item.

There are LOTS of amazing Thyton-made items in this release.

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from players that all of the items in Thyton's new area are craftable (no $$$ required) and permanent.


Reko's Ninja Submission Video

Meanwhile! Reko is a long-time friend and ninja competitor. For his submission video this year he creatively used AdventureQuest 3D footage. Want to see it?

I'm @ARTIX on instagram!

Look ma, I'm only 10 years too late to this party. But I am plastering my instagram with behind the scenes pics and videos of the team and myself. Follow @artix to see all the seeeecrets (and potential blackmail material).

Thank you & Unleash your inner Ninja!

We hope you love this week's new Thyton adventure and achieve your goal of adding the Ninja class to your arsenal. Thyton is part of a team tracking down villains with unusual powers ("Most Wanted" seen in the image above.) This is the 1st of what will be a series of yearly releases that take place on the real-life Thyton's birthday. If you have been enjoying our new feature and adventure releases, please consider supporting us by becoming a Guardian or buying some DragonCrystals. Next up, we are working on the Kingdom of Battleon and the revamp of DoomWood-- including the Tower of Necromancy.

Battle on!
Artix & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Meanwhile... Vane has been securing his fortress and pantheon of villains




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