Progress Update on Nulgath Part II

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Catacombs & Wasteland

I hope this post finds you well. Writing to give you and our fellow players a progress update on second installment of the Nulgath Saga. As you read this the entire team is pushing to complete everything this week and test it over the weekend. On Monday, after reading the feedback from testers, we will make the final call if it is ready for release next week. To increase our odds of success, I pulled all resources onto the final assembly of the Nulgath Saga: Part II. This means that any previously announced releases will be moved to AFTER the Nulgath II release. It is also possible that we split this release into two parts... releasing the Catacombs next week and the Wasteland the week after.

This release has taken considerably longer than anticipated. It is an important release for the players and the team. That is why, when we were not thrilled with an early version of it, we scrapped and re-wrote it. The maps were changed as well. It needs to be a worthy successor to part 1... and weave us a dark story-rich path to the climax of the Nulgath Saga.

The Stonewrit

In the image above, you see a Stonewrit. You may remember this from the original AdventureQuest. It is a magic tablet used to assemble pieces of an ancient blade. In the original AdventureQuest, it was used to reforge the Blade of Awe. But any long time fan of our games will tell you that the shape of this blade... IS NOT the Blade of Awe. In The Nulgath Saga: Part II, you will dive into the depths of the Catacombs to retrieve the missing pieces of the Shattered Sword. May the fates have mercy upon us all.


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