The Nulgath Saga Begins!

Glisel | Thursday, June 30, 2022

An ancient evil awaits… and will have its revenge.

Hop into AdventureQuest 3D and start this all new main story by traveling to Seleden... the Red Forest, and level up to 37!

The Nulgath Saga: Part 1 was just released

This story release is for players of all levels, and contains special content for players level 35+. You will find new quests, drops, crafts, side quests, and challenge fights.

Seleden - The Red Forest

Enter the Red Forest. Mysterious red orbs float in the air as a sense of pure evil stands the hair up on the back of your neck. Travel to this forest over-run with fiendish energy so strong that it corrupted the creatures of the forest. What could have happened here to cause such corruption?

Paladins of the Golden Onslaught

Victor Lionfang is a heroic and righteous Paladin of the Golden Onslaught. Not just any Paladin, he is their leader's son. Seeking to prove himself worthy in his Father's eyes, Victor is seeking to do the impossible. He wants to slay Dage and destroy his Undead Legion. How? There is rumor of a shattered sword that has the power to do so in Seleden forest.

“Cleric” of the Red Monastery

The townspeople seem to see no evil and speak no evil… nor speak anything at all really. However there is a cleric at the Red Monastery who seems to know a little about what’s going on in Seleden. Perhaps he can help and the Golden Onslaught retrieve this weapon. Afterall, clerics are on the side of good… right?

Kragan Zul & the Undead Legion

You should be warned that scouts reported seeing Undead Legion troops led by Kragan Zul heading towards the Red Forest. He is an undead Battlemage who's recent conquests have made him a rising (dark) star within the legion. Only the unwise would ever attempt to battle Kragan Zul at his full power. But if someone did manage to defeat him, the glory and rewards would be... EPIC.

Nulgath Collection 1

You can get the pieces individually, or get the ENTIRE collection, saving 4,500 DragonCrystals and permanently unlocking every item in the collection-- AND an exclusive dragon pet which you can click on to access all of the items in your collection. Find this collection in the Shop menu in game. 

  • Nulgath’s Collector Chest 1 and “Best Fiends” title
  • Craggloorr Dragon Pet
  • Craggloorr travel form
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Armor
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Helm
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Open Helm
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Single Shoulder
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Shoulders
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Cape
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Belt
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Boots
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Gloves
  • Fiendlord Brutixx’s Axe

Note: You can always access all of your unlocked collections at the Bank. Just talk to Hootenheim.

Legendary Sun Fury Upgrades

Do you possess a Legendary Sunfury Scythe? If so, you will be pleased to discover there is a way to upgrade it in the Nulgath Saga: Part 1. Obtain the Corrupted Fiend Saber from the Monastery Challenge Fight. This is the base item used to craft the Malcorrupted Fiend Saber. Then combine it with your level 35 Sun Fury Scythe to create the upgraded level 36 Sun Fury Scythe (780 base power). All of this crafting can be done within the Monastery Lobby in the Red Monastery Crafting shop.

Last Chance

  • DragonCrystal Bonus Sale ends next month (August 10)
  • Fireworks! 4th of July Party Sneevils are in town from now until July 3th.
  • Taylor and the Pride Shop leaves the Social District (remains at Pointe Less)
  • Also your last chance to see any member of our Dev team sane... nope... too late already! O_O

Join us for beginning of something.... wicked

Do you know the story of Nulgath? Whether you are brand new to AdventureQuest 3D, or a long time player... you are about to uncover an all new untold story. Those familiar with Nulgath the Overfiend (a massive, hulking, devious & powerful being from our previous games) may find familiar things and clues within the forest. For the rest of us, this is but the first part of the Nulgath Saga. It will unfold to reveal all as we decend into the very depths of madness.

We really hope you enjoy the opening of this new story. It has a little something for everyone. Thank you and… beware, traveler!

See you in the Red Forest...

Battle on!

Artix, Glisel, Yergen, Memet & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Next week is the release of our July Promo Item while the team continues work on the Nulgath Saga: Part II.

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