Beta Schedule Update! Starting July 26th

Artix Krieger | Friday, July 15, 2016

Release dates changed for more testing!

At the request of our testers, and by a unanimous vote by our team, we are pushing back the release dates to allow for more testing. Please see the updated schedule below.

Open Beta Approaches

Like its predecessors, AdventureQuest 3D is a contentiously evolving world. Our online community's success formula is to grow the game under your feet while you play it. 

Revised BETA Release Schedule

This is an official announcement for our next major content patch, the release of the Android version and the start dates for Closed and Open Beta!

  • Dev Testing all next week (July 19 to 22)
    • Testing, testing, testing!
  • STEAM Closed Beta begins Tuesday (July 26th, 2016)
    • Closed Beta Begins (Goal = shortest Closed Beta Ever!)
    • 11 New Dungeons go live
    • New features go live
    • No wipe! Just a Level/Gold reset
    • Web version officially discontinued. (Unity has dropped support for their web plugin)
    • Pre-Beta Badges awarded
  • STEAM Open Beta! (1 to 7 days later)
    • Open Beta on Steam will go live as soon as we fix any issues that pop up in the closed beta and get Steam's approval.
    • Steam Version becomes available for all players
  • ANDROID Beta begins (Soon after)
    • Beta version of Android version becomes available for players to test. 
    • It will not be listed publicly  on the app store yet, you will have to follow special instructions to join the Beta Test.
  • Ongoing Development!
    • Official date to be announced when we iPhone Version released (which will be an all or nothing, so we have to wait on it)
    • Alpha Pirate (exclusive) goes to testing by qualifying Early Access players
    • Guardian Tower goes into testing by Early Access Players
    • Paladin, Necromancer, and Dragon Slayer goes to testing by qualifying Early Access players

New Dungeons

There are 11 new dungeons coming with this next release. This will give us two dungeons per over-world area. OK, technically the Nightlocke Dungeon is one giant dungeon with three entrances... but we are counting it as 3.  The highlight of the release is Shatterskull Tower, lair of the Death Knight in DoomWood.

Character Reset NOPE!

Keep your items! Level/Gold reset only :D

Due to the big changes in the exp curve and the way items are now obtained, we were all bracing for a character reset before the start of Open Beta... BUT... SURPRISE! You get to keep your stuff! (Weapons, Armor, Helms, Gloves, Belts, Boots, and back items.) This is awesome, and a huge win for everyone participating in early access. Weapons, armor and items are now MUCH harder to obtain in game. So if you got them now, you have a major advantage (and some serious bragging rights). As we leave Pre-Beta we will only be resetting your level back to 1 and your gold to 0. What is the catch? Well, you will have all your gear, but will have to level up to use it. A wise gamer would best guess on what gear would be useful to them at all phases of their journey in the Open Beta. Oh, you will be happy to know we are resetting the quests too-- because quests are by far the fastest way for you to earn experience. BONUS: You will earn the Pre-Beta Badge on your character page for your participation in this.

Cysero Note: Most item stats, levels and prices will be changing. 

Artix Note: Vendor Trash / Junk Items will be destroyed. Only items you can equip or actually use will remain.

Android Version!

If you are one of the many players anxious  to play AdventureQuest 3D from your phone or tablet, then this is the news you have been waiting for. If you played in the BioBeasts Android Beta, then you might already be familiar with how this works. During the testing, you will not be able to find the app on the Android app store. Nope. You will be required to join a special Google G+ group which will give you secret access to the testing version of the app. Do not worry, we will have good instructions for you.

When will iPhone/iPad be available?

VERY SOON! Why not launch at the same time? Well, Apple handles their testing differently than Android. There is no easy way for us to let a large number of testers on the Apple iPhone/iPad version. Also, updates can take as long as two weeks to get approved via Apple-- and that is scary for a game that needs to evolve and change as quickly as we will during this initial launch. (Note: Android lets us publish an update in an hour or less.) So the smart move is to let the Android version go first, get the bugs out, then release the Apple version shortly after-- you know, once all the core features are nice and stable. About 50% of the time you see me online, I am playing from my iPhone. If you are an iOS user too, I am eager to get this version in your hands too!

Kickstarter Backers!

After speaking with Kickstarter Backers online, I wanted to make sure there was no confusion... this Beta release is NOT the finished game. (Seriously) Some rewards (classes and custom weapons) along side many of the most highly anticipated features of the game are still in development and will be released one at a time between now and the games actual LIVE LAUNCH in Fall/Winter. This includes Alpha Pirate class (The class is waiting on a really cool new feature, but we will make the armor available for you in Open Beta) and the other classes: Paladin, DragonSlayer, Necromancer, and Ninja. If you have been following our progress, then you know we are making significant changes to our existing classes and combat. Best we get the games core classes feeling right before we start releasing the more advanced ones.  The good news, is that you will receive many of your Backer rewards as Open Beta begins including armors, weapons, badges, potions, backpack space! ...and we have an additional little surprise coming for you too :D

R.I.P. Web Player Plugin

We have known for a long time that this day would come. Unity announced that it was dropping support for the Web Player when they launched the new version of their editor. We need the new version of their editor to fix our remaining serious bugs. So we bid farewell to the Unity plugin-- but there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. The new WebGL (3D for the web with Javascript) might actually let us release a web version of AdventureQuest 3D that does not require a plugin at all!

Progress Update

A thing we used to do waaaaay back in DragonFable and AdventureQuest Worlds was a quick update of what everyone is working on at this moment. Thought you might enjoy if we continued that tradition right now.

  • Zhoom - Server security & antispam filter
  • Cysero - Finishing Quest writing! 11 new dungeons to fill... 9 down, 2 to go.
  • Warlic - Fixing issue in the Android version due to the new update. Continuing to work on Sound FX changes, footsteps, and also analytics
  • Korin - Working on character poses with Artix for box art, and then re-animating mage to the 104 BPM.
  • Yergen - Even more Dungeon Assembly & Boss Fights
  • Xero - Giant Mud elemental and bandits done. New NPCs for the new dungeons and Kickstarter Backer weapons.
  • Dage - Finished the Zombie Dragon, special Guardian Armor-- next week he will be painting the cover art.
  • Thyton - Sword Painting/texturing
  • Oishii - Leading the testing team and balancing the new quests
  • Llusion - Fixes to the town of Battleon (including jumping out of the fountain) and new Dungeons
  • Kraken - Working on Cutscene System Admin Tools
  • Rolith - Database changes and Admin Tools
  • Circa - Finishing tutorial screens, and marketing screens with Artix
  • Percious (new guy!) - Working on visual "smart machine" for dungeon interactivity
  • Panicpop (also new guy!) - SoundFX & Fly through cut-scenes for overworlds (learning Cinema Director)
  • Platinum Lady & Testing Team - Testing new exp and stat curves.
  • Artix - 6 servers setup, got ESRB Rating, still working on graphics and legal stuffs for Steam, Website, and Android setup for Open Beta.

Hold onto your helms!

Video game development is a pretty exciting roller coaster ride. We have come a long way in the past 6 months, and now the real party is about to begin. We are really fortunate that you are so supportive of the game and our team. Thank you for being a part of this. The "good new days" are here. (Especially when Zhoom finishes the code to let me live spawn monsters at will across every instance of an area, mwahahahaha!)






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