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Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Future of tomorrow's Video Games... TODAY!

Breaking news! AdventureQuest 3D's Patch 1.0.3 just went live delivering PC Interface, Keybindings, Summon word fixes and more!

Zhoom: The Patch is live!
Oishii: How many floppies does it need?
Rolith: AQ3D would take up something like one hundred and thirty two 51/4th inch floppy disks.
Artix: ...
Rolith: Without downloaded assets.
Artix: O_O
Korin: Will it run on my 3dfx Voodoo2?
Artix: Haha, the computer in the picture above is the sort of thing I used when I was little. I want to travel in time back in time and show my younger-self that we made a game that looks better than anything from that era... and it runs seamlessly on PCs and phones.
Artix: Except... I would be stuck at the login screen. >_> There was no internet back then.
Artix: But then my younger self would challenge me to a duel.. because I always dreamed of getting to fight an older version of myself to see if my martial arts skills improved or got worse.
Artix: ...it was pretty much the first thing I thought of every time I thought about time travel.
Artix: Younger me would be a little faster, kick higher, and have a lot more stamina. But his only black belts would be in Tae Kwon Do... and since they did not let you punch to the face, he will not learn a proper face-guarding fighting stance until years later when he starts in Muay Thai and Krav Maga. Which means I would KO my younger self pretty fast. It would be nice if I learned that earlier in life. I wonder how we would do in a sword fight...
Oishii: ARTIX!!
Artix: Right... THE PC INTERFACE!

You asked for it on STEAM, and we listened!

"Game developer's that listen? WHAT!?"

Steadily and methodically we have been slashing our way through your most requested features. Today's new releaseis going to make a lot of STEAM (PC/Mac) Players happy.

PC INTERFACE (Version 1)

  • This is a preliminary test of the PC-friendly interface; we are hoping that this will make the gameplay experience much better for those users playing on Steam!  This is still very much a work in progress so stay tuned as we keep polishing it up.  We are predicting that elements may continue to be shifted around, buttons will probably get moved, buttons and bars will probably also change how they look!
  • Next up with be equip slots for usable items like potions and transformation.

    • In relation to the new PC-friendly interface, we've added the ability to customize your keybinds!  You'll find this option in the new Settings Menu.
    • Currently not all keys are bindable and combination keypresses are not available.
    • You can now adjust the Field of View (FoV) as well as the Camera Zoom and Camera Sensitivity settings.

    • We have fixed issues related to Summoning and Joining your friends; you should be able to reliably use the summons to get to where you friends are now!  Happy adventuring!  *note:  map player limits are still affecting this ability
    • The broken portal in Snevelyn Wilds has been fixed.  Now you can all travel through!
    • Small Health Potion and Small Mana Potion can now stack up to 999. *hic*
    • Umbral Caves: an issue related to the Poisonous Gas room has been fixed.
    • Mobile Fix: fixed an issue that caused cutscenes / dialogues to get stuck trying to load.
    • Item mouseovers should no longer be covered by the Inventory Panel / Use Menu.
    • Added some fixes to prevent players from jumping over gates to reach certain portals in dungeons.
    • Fixed somehow without Zhoom needing to do anything: game should no longer crash when using the "Exit Game" button!

Next Up!

We are on a good path and methodically making progress. If you have been reading the design notes, you already know what is coming next. You... know O_O. It is being built as you read this.

P.S. I posted a video of proofing our upcoming 2017 Calendar before it goes to the printer.

P.P.S. Oooh! On a happy side note... today is my 3rd anniversary :D *looks at clock* Maybe I should go home before 9pm tonight. And Flowers. Maybe more swords. 




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