Samurai Class is Live!

Glisel | Thursday, October 6, 2022

Become a Samurai

Unlock Samurai Class by visiting Hensou (currently in Battleon) and completing daily quests for Samurai Tokens, or use DragonCrystals to buy the class. Once you unlock the class, return to Hensou to learn the history and master the art of Samurai.

What is Samurai Class?

Samurai are warriors of Yokai who harness the power of the wind, as bestowed by the dragon spirit Ryukami. Using swords of enchanted steel, they slash like the breeze before unleashing the power of a hurricane.


Use your extra Samurai Tokens to buy the Samurai Class Gear from Hensou!


Samurai Skills

  • Breath of the Wind (Passive): Attacks and abilities add a stacking buff to the player’s attack and attack speed to a maximum 50 stacks. Cross skills do not generate stacks.
  • Auto Attack: Repeatedly attack an enemy in range. Can be cast from range if in Ranged Stance.
  • Zephyr Strike: Quickly slash your opponent. Finish the 3 hit combo to deal massive damage.
  • Wind Cutter: Dash to an enemy and enter melee stance. If you kill an enemy, you may dash to the next one.
  • Nothing Personal: Launch a windslash breaking the armor of your oppenent, then dash to them.
  • Death by A Thousand Cuts (Ultimate): Call upon the spirit of the Wind Dragon to increase your Haste. Attacks while this is active will apply One of a Thousand Cuts. Nothing Personal deals increased per stack of One of a Thousand Cuts.
  • Menacing Stance (Cross Skill): Channel the power within letting all your attacks automatically crit for a short time after. "Oh, You're approaching me?"

Master the Ways of the Samurai

A newcomer named Hensou has arrived in Battleon. He is willing to teach you the ways of the Samurai. To truly master the class, you must earn the favor of Ryukami, the dragon spirit of wind who once gave a piece of himself to empower these warriors of Yokai. Seek the guidance of Hensou and become… a Samurai.

*Note: Samurai Class must be unlocked to begin this questline.

Legendary Samurai

Rank up your Samurai Class to 100 and unlock items in the Legendary Samurai armor set along the way.

Dragon Samurai

Unlock the Dragon Samurai class skin. Play with the usual class skills but whole new visual effects and a brand new armor set befitting the Dragon Samurai.

How it Started Vs How it's Going

Read about how we created Samurai Class in our behind-the-scenes post “Secrets of the Samurai Class”.


Battle on!

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