Artix Krieger | Friday, June 19, 2020

Want to be more.... A-lure-ing?

While the heroes of Battleon are vacation on the monster-infested Pointeless Isle, some of the monsters have come to our home town! Battle them for all new rewards.

"That Deepling Lure makes me uncomfortable" - Xentry, AdventureQuest 3D animator

If you think the lure is creepy, have you seen the Deeplings!? Hop in game, get the lure, trident and blades by battling the boss in the social district now.

The Social District of Town

It is easy to get to. When you arrive in town... just walk left-ish into the next area. The Social district contains Shop of Oddities and will be where many future live events will be held.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Nature Guardian Tower story release want live this week and was a huge success for Guardians. If you are not a Guardian yet and are looking for something new to do, we got you covered! The team just created these new rewards and added this boss fight to the Town of Battleon's social district for you.

See you in game...

Battle on!

Artix & the AQ3D Team

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