Siege of Souls

Rellik | Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Siege of Souls PvEvP

The Legion Vs Paladin fight has now escalated to a full blown PvEvP battle!

Fight Both Monsters and Players!

This is "player versus environment versus player." This new game mode will send your team in against other players and their powerful defenses. Face your foes, complete your objectives, and earn glory in battle. For the next 2 weeks, the Siege of Souls will be completely taking over PvP, as the battle rages fiercely, but our experts believe that it should slip into the regular rotation of PvP after those 2 weeks are done. With a very heavy PvEvP style, it’s a little different than what you might be used to!

How to Play Siege of Souls

Join the Queue in from your PvP menu or the Battle Hall! It’s really that easy!

No more need for assault supplies. This map is fully PvEvP. Your team will be randomly assigned to a side, Legion or Paladin. Assault the enemy base and take down their General.

Very powerful Turrets have been added to assist in protecting your base and must be defeated before the General can be killed. A powerful Big Bones, and an army of skeletons (legion) or Palatron, and an army of wolves (paladin) will also spawn to assist you in attacking the enemy base.

Destroy the enemy General for a decisive victory, otherwise, the game ends after 10 minutes. The team with the most points at the end wins. Gain points for each enemy player, mob, or turret destroyed. Even if you don’t land the kill shot on the turret, you’ll still get points! Earn stacks of Fervor for kill shots on enemies!

Fervor? What’s that?

Fervor is a 4% health and damage buff that stacks with each kill shot, OR you can walk over a Crystal that spawns on the map for 3 stacks of Fervor. There are 3 crystal spawns in the map.
If you die with more than 10 stacks of Fervor, you lose 2 stacks. You cannot drop below a minimum of 10 stacks from death in game. Wow, we said “Fervor” a lot just now! Fervor, fervor fervor. It’s lost all meaning now xD

Is there anything else new?

Yes! You may notice a new mini objective map in Siege of Souls. It’s a new UI for this game mode that displays the current state of the defenses. Each node represents a turret, and the skulls represent the boss.
If they are outlined in yellow, they are invulnerable and you need to kill a closer defense to take down the invulnerability. If the node is gray it has been destroyed. Pretty neat, huh?

What happens to the old quest rewards?!

The Legion Assault and Golder Order Assault rewards have been moved to the Battle Hall. The quests have been removed permanently. Since these were repeatable quests, there were no badges or titles associated with completing them. Don’t worry, nothing has gone rare! Paladin Rhys and Deadeye have both returned to their factions, extremely proud of the work they’ve done. See High Marshal Firebrand for the new shop: Siege of Souls Rewards.

New rewards in the Siege of Souls Rewards Shop!

New rewards have been added to make the Siege of Souls even more interesting! Check out the list below, then check them out in the Battle Hall’s new shop: Siege of Souls Rewards.

  • Insignia of the Legion Onslaught (Consumable for Title)
  • Insignia of the Golden Order (Consumable for Title)
  • War Glaives of the Legion
  • Blessed War Sword of the Golden Order
  • Serrated Katar of the Legion
  • Blessed War Hammar of the Golden Order
  • Horned Kabuto of the Legion
  • War Maul of the Legion
  • Grave Hammer of the Legion
  • Jagged Dagger of the Legion

Patch Notes

New patch notes for version 1.84.0! Check them out here!

Coming soon to AQ3D

April is just around the corner, which means… a new promo pet. Check the Upgrade Store on April 1st to see the spicy new pet (and travel form for Guardians). Also, the seasonal Grenwog content is getting a revamp! Dage is working on bringing the Grenwog monster to life, there will be new quests, new rewards, and a full Grenwog dungeon filled with colorful eggs.

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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