Son of the Braken!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bow of the Vengeance

Find your way to the secret "experimental" challenge area deep below, in the bow of the sunken ship... The Vengeance. This encounter is a first of its kind.

Son of Braken Boss Fight

Son of the Braken is a 4 stage Boss Fight

You will need a full party of heroes for this challenge. If you die.... it's game over. The map will kick you out and you will not be able to return O_O.

When you first enter this challenge, you will start on a plank. Stay there until your entire group is ready! Because if anyone jumps down... it locks the room and starts the challenge for everyone.


Extreme Challenge for level 27 and above Players

Yes, this challenge has level 29 rewards! The most powerful items in the game to date. And it will take skill and teamwork to reach them.

Just getting to this map requires solving a Mystery!

Hint: Find No-Eyed Willy in the lobby.... talk to him for some info.

Son of Braken Treasure Chest

Can you reach the Treasure Chest at the end?

There are 4 new level 29, dual-wielding weapon rewards to be earned for defeating the Son of the Braken!

Son of the Braken Challenge Map in AdventureQuest 3D

If you loved this 4-floor, crazy, super hard challenge, give some kudos to Llussion in the comments below!

Good luck down there....

For more information on what is coming next week check the Vengeful Captain post

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