Summer Collection War: 2020 Edition

Glisel | Thursday, July 2, 2020

Fill the Summer War Meter to unlock new rewards... reach 100% to win!

As you read this, your fellow players and I are at war against monsters.

We need your help!

..because, that epic-quality ice cream cone wand reward ain't gonna lick itself.

No... what? No...

Because the WAR METER at the top of the screen is game-wide!

That's right.

Game. Wide. Event.

Every server and every "Pointe Less Isle" across the game is sharing that exact same war meter...

That meter's updated live.

Hop in the game. Do Annette's "fight things" quest on Pointe Less isle to score points and drive that meter forward for EVERYONE.

It will take the combined efforts of you and the rest of the AQ3D community to reach 100%

....and unlock all of the rewards along the way.

...including that epic-quality ice cream cone wand. (Did you think we were kidding?)

This is a weekend long event, so join us quick!

Summer Collection 2020

Also... the 2020 Summer Collection is here!

We're trying something new O_O

This collection is linked to the war!

As the war meter gets higher, these items will become available for you to buy.

Not just the DragonCrystal ones... there are items you can buy with gold too.

Sure, you can still buy the entire 2020 Summer Collection as a bundle, get a badge, title, free permanent storage for it, save a massive amount of

DragonCrystals, and unlock all of the items instantly. But wait, there's more! You will get the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you are making our regular releases possible-- including our upcoming bow class, Ranger.

Summer Collection 2020 Items

  • Grape Popsicle (weapon) - starts unlocked
  • Flame Elementalist Wrap - unlocks at 10%
  • Flame Elementalist Hood - unlocks at 10%
  • Flame Elementalist Shoulders - unlocks at 20%
  • Flame Elementalist Robes - unlocks at 20%
  • Summer Moglin Pet (pet) - unlocks at 25%
  • Torrential Wave Gloves - unlocks at 30%
  • Torrential Wave Boots - unlocks at 30%
  • Torrential Wave Belt - unlocks at 30%
  • Torrential Wave Cape - unlocks at 35%
  • Torrential Wave Shoulders - unlocks at 40%
  • Torrential Wave Helm - unlocks at 40%
  • Torrential Wave Armor - unlocks at 40%
  • Torrential Wave Axe (weapon) - unlocks at 40%
  • Orange Popsicle (weapon) - unlocks at 50%
  • Mega Don Travel Form (travel form) - unlocks at 50%
  • Aquashard Gloves - unlocks at 60%
  • Aquashard Boots - unlocks at 60%
  • Aquashard Waist Gem - unlocks at 60%
  • Aquashard Amulet - unlocks at 70%
  • Aquashard Shoulder Gems - unlocks at 70%
  • Aquashard Hood - unlocks at 80%
  • Aquashard Raiment - unlocks at 80%
  • Aquashard Blade (weapon) - unlocks at 90%
  • Aquashard Blade and Buckler (weapon) - unlocks at 90%
  • Summer Kebab (weapon) - unlocks at 95%
Summer Party Items

Summer Party Items (War progress rewards)

  • Cherry Popsicle (weapon) - unlocks at 25%
  • Lime Popsicle (weapon) - unlocks at 50%
  • Roasted Summer Corn (weapon) - unlocks at 75%
  • Ice Cream Cone Wand (weapon) - unlocks at 100%
Summer Collection War

See you at the Summer War on Pointe Less Isle!

How do you get there? Head to town and talk to Annette. And watch out for sharks, giant crabs, and katana wielding Samurai shell fish.

See you in game....

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team


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