AQ3D Gets Steamy with the 2022 Summer Collection!

Glisel | Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Join Annette on Pointe Less Isle for Summer Fun

Hop into AdventureQuest 3D and join Annette on Pointe Less Isle for some Summer shenanigans with friends. A new Daily Quest unlocks super rewards, the new Pointe Less Summer Shop opens, and the 2022 Summer Collection (as well as previous collection items) is for sale!

The Pointe Less Summer Shop

Annette has consolidated her wares to bring you an all new shop. The Shark Attack shop and Summer Party Items (Summer war rewards) have been combined with some new items to create a new shop of your Summer favorites. You still need fishing tokens or Pointe Less Trophies (earned through Annette’s “Cleaning Up” repeatable quests) to purchase these items.

New Items in the Summer Shop

  • White Summer Shoes
  • Fanny Pack
  • Tropical Shirt
  • Aqua Splash Tropical Shirt
  • Neon Tropical Shirt
  • Sunshine Tropical Shirt
  • Scaled Claymore

Soak Your Friends - Daily Quest

Stay Cool this Summer with Annette’s help. She has a quest to help you beat the heat, but first she’ll need lots of ammo. Fill water balloons by defeating creatures on Pointe Less Isle and turn them in to Annette. Complete the quest every day until she deems you worthy of the title “The Soaker” and unlocks two super rewards in the Pointe Less Summer Shop.

2022 Summer Collection

As fire and water come together in this year’s Summer collection, things sure get steamy. The Beach Umbrella Pet stands at the perfect height to protect you from the searing sun while relaxing by the gentle waves on Pointe Less Isle.


  • Collection Chest Badge and "Steamy" title
  • Beach Umbrella Pet
  • Tidal Trident
  • Pink Lemonade Dress
  • Pink Lemonade Shirt
  • Fire Warrior Cuirass (armor)
  • Fire Warrior Belt
  • Fire Warrior Greaves (boots)
  • Fire Warrior Mantle (cape)
  • Fire Warrior Helm
  • Fire Warrior Pauldron (shoulders)
  • Fire Warrior Gauntlets (gloves)
  • Fire Edge (melee)
  • Fire Cannon (pistol)
  • Aquasassin Water Fall (cape)
  • Aquasassin Helm
  • Aquasassin Shoulders
  • Aquasassin Armor
  • Aquasassin Belt
  • Aquasassin Boots
  • Aquasassin Glove
  • Aquasassin Saber
  • Aquasassin Water Cannon (pistol)

New Collection Items

The Summer Collection gets even better with the addition of Fire and Water Elemental pets and travel forms, as well as an upcoming swim suit.

  • Fire Elemental Pet
  • Fire Elemental Travel Form
  • Water Elemental Pet
  • Water Elemental Travel Form
  • [Coming soon --- Unnamed Nulgath Nation swim suit??]

The Old with the New

You can still purchase items from the Summer Collections of previous years, however those Collector’s Chests with their titles are gone for good. Don’t miss out on buying a Collector’s Chest when you can. The savings on these is enough to make our palms moist. The 2022 Summer Collection alone is worth over ten thousand DragonCrystals when each item is purchased individually. Get it while you can.

Double Daily Rewards Weekend

This Saturday, July 16th, 2022 begins the Double Daily Rewards Weekend. All Daily Task and Quest Rewards, including Capstones and Crafting Materials, will be doubled this weekend through midnight EST on Tuesday, July 19th.

Last Chance

4th of July Party Sneevils have left town, but you still have time to participate in these events!

  • Doubly Daily Rewards Saturday, July 16th through Tuesday, July 19th.
  • DragonCrystal Bonus Sale ends next month! (August 10)

Thank you and… Next!

As the team continues work on the next parts of the Nulgath Saga, we are also preparing an out-of-this-world experience. Warlic received a distress signal… from the Moon?? Who, or what, could be out there that needs our help? It’s up to you to find out.

Speaking of out-of-this-world experiences… Did you see the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope released from NASA? If not, click here to see these incredible colorful images of galaxies far-far away. Make sure to read the information below each image. The descriptions will blow you away.

Until then…
Battle on!

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