SlayWatch! Summer Shark Attack and 2021 Collection

Glisel | Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Sharks are attacking Pointe Less Isle! Join us for a summer beach-monster war. Rewards unlock as you do quests and help increase that war meter to 100%. Also check out the brand new 2021 Summer Collection.

Shark Attack War

Visit Annette in Battleon or on Pointe Less Isle to help her with the Shark Attack quests and join the Summer war. There are five quests available including a repeatable Fishing quest for those of you who just want to chill on the shores while helping. Quests give a stack of Shark Attack Tokens which can be turned into Pointe Less Trophies with the After Party quests. Redeeming Pointe Less Trophies boost the war meter and can be used to buy your war rewards as they unlock in the Summer Shark Attack Shop.

The War Meter & Rewards

Ready 100% to win the war! The only way to accomplish this... is together. See that war meter at the top of the screen? That war meter is shared by every player across every server. It is literally you and the community vs an army of monsters. And as you do quests and progress that meter, new rewards will unlock! Join us and be a part of it....

  • Part Bubbles Potion (0%)
  • Blue Diving Suit  (0%)
  • Red Diving Suit (20%)
  • Watermelon Bobber (20%)
  • Green Diving Suit (40%)
  • Purple Diving Suit (40%)
  • Hollow Pineapple Bobber (40%)
  • Pink Diving Suit (60%)
  • Iron Diving Suit (60%)
  • Frosty Floaty Donut bobber (60%)
  • Sporty Diving Suit (80%)
  • Dark Diving Suit (80%)
  • Deep Diving Suit (80%)
  • Crabby Bobby (80%)
  • Shark Fin-atic Diving Suit (100%)

Summer 2021 Collection

What do water blades, skeletally themed bikinis, an orange tree branch, and cthulian-looking floating Jellyfish have in common? O_O Yeah, we don't know either. But you can find them all in this years new Summer 2021 Collection! It features 32 incredible new items from your favorite game artists.

Oceana Blades... and spherical bouncy deadly thing!

During testing, every single dev asked the same question, "Are they supposed to be that BIG!?" The answer was "The players asked for big weapons, and we want them to have water-ever they want!"

2021 Summer Collection

I have seen a lot of chatter about that giant floppy sun hat. What are you guys planning exactly? Anyway... you can get the items individually, or save a ton of DragonCrystals and get year round free storage by buying the entire collection.... Which includes the badge and title "Sunburnt".

  • Jellyfish Egg (Vetroid Pet hatching soon!)
  • Unstable Jellyfish (Vetroid Travel Form hatching soon!)
  • Legion Swimwear (Armor)
  • Tattooed Legion Swimwear (Armor)
  • Paradise Vice Armor
  • Patterned Paradise Vice Armor
  • Paradise Vice Loafers (Boots)
  • Paradise Vice Beaded Bracelets (Gloves)
  • Paradise Vice Sun Glasses (Helm)
  • Golden Sun Glasses (Helm)
  • Aqua Mage Armor
  • Aqua Mage Boots
  • Aqua Mage Belt
  • Aqua Mage Gloves
  • Aqua Mage Shoulders
  • Oceana Glaive  (Weapon)
  • Oceana Katana (Weapon)
  • Oceana Tidal Sword (Weapon)
  • Beach Spiker (Weapon)
  • Orange Tree Staff (Weapon)
  • Old Timey Swimsuit
  • Old Timey Swimdress
  • Sun Sandals
  • Boat Shoes
  • Rosy Sundress
  • Rosy Shirt & Shorts
  • Floppy Sun Hat
  • Wicker Trilby (Helm)
  • Cornflower Sundress
  • Cornflower Shirt & Shorts
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Blue & White Sandals
  • Collection Badge and "Sunburnt" title when you buy the Collector's Chest

Vetroid Jellyfish Egg?

The pet and travel form in this year's collection has not hatched yet. Expert Cryptozoologists believe that these mysterious blue eggs will hatch into a Vetroid. Typically they are deep sea monsters. But, what would happen if one of these eggs hatched into the open air? Experts speculate that the Vetroid would gain the ability to breathe oxygen and float effortlessly in the air-- very much the same way their deep sea relatives do in water. One thing is certain. Vetroid eggs ONLY hatch once a year and they ALL hatch at the same time. And that time... is within next week!

See you at the Shark Attack War on Pointe Less Isle!

How do you get there? Head to town and talk to Annette. And watch out for sharks, giant crabs, and katana wielding Samurai shellfish.

See you in game....

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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